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RHONJ Reunion Recap Part 2

If anyone is looking for a stress relief from the real world chaos – don’t come to the RHONJ as it’s pretty stressful over here as well.

We start part 2 with Jen and Melissa still going at it, with Tre staying out of it, much to the annoyance of Melissa. Jennifer finally apologizes for throwing objects and Melissa begrudgingly accepts it. Thankfully the cast mutually agrees to stop throwing objects in general (maybe Bravo should just make this a standard practice from now on?)

Tre gets her montage next and it’s not pretty. Tre has had a very rough couple of years and splitting with Joe was a tough but necessary decision after what happened. Tre insists 95% of her marriage was happy; however the only time he acted out was on the show. Despite Tre’s claims, Melissa isn’t buying it (and she was there for it behind the scenes stuff so I’ll take her word for it.) Tre is also called out as Andy ran into Tre down in Miami hanging out with a group of men; however Tre is adamant that her pipes were not getting cleaned that weekend.

Someone who wasn’t exactly buying it? Marge as we see her questioning Tre’s loyalty; however she claims that she had her best interest at heart and was cheering for her to find a new man. We also learn that Pete Giudice told Gia about the cheating rumors to which Tre tore him a new one as Gia has been through enough already. As for that cute pool guy? We’re supposed to believe he is just a dear friend (to which he may be) but the two had great chemistry that no one can deny. Apparently Tre wouldn’t go for him anyways as she is looking for a nice Jewish boy who she can have kids with.

We finally get some much needed comic relief as the Jersey men come out, even carrying Bill Aydin in honor of the Hamptons. We learn that Bill operates on his own wife, Frank is dating a 30 year old and some TMI details about these couples. All in all it’s what you would expect from this group. As part of some PG-13 rated details, we learn that Bill and Joe have moved past Joey Gorga’s comments (which were totally inappropriate in my opinion) and that Jackie’s husband is hoping that public opinion will change his wife’s mind about certain things (wink, wink.) I enjoy the men of Jersey often more than the ladies as the men are a combination of humor, jabs, and despite having issues they move on quickly. You know – what the housewives should be like.

Jackie get’s her attention and we discuss her party choices, personality and feuds with Jen. Jackie is an articulate, intelligent and classy woman but I just am not feeling her as a real housewife. No offense to her, but she does give off a ‘holier than thou’ attitude that I don’t love. With that being said, she is far less annoying than Jennifer who won’t let anyone else on the couch talk. I can’t tell if Dolores and Tre are relieved that they don’t have to do much work this reunion, but the two seem to be content with Jen carrying the left side of the couch this reunion.

My thoughts on the reunion? Jennifer needs to let other people talk, the right side of the couch needs to eat some humble pie and I wouldn’t mind hearing more from Dolores and Teresa. That’s what I have to say but what are your thoughts?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday’s on Bravo. 

Thoughts on Part 2?

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