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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Aydin Has NO Regrets From Part One Of The Reunion; Responds To Melissa’s Claims That She Does Teresa Giudice’s Dirty Work!

Things got WILD on part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion when it came to Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin.

It started off when Melissa Gorga said she was considering freezing her eggs. Jennifer laughed at the statement claiming her suddenly wanting another baby was a fake storyline. Things got even more heated when Jennifer said Melissa was too self-absorbed to have another baby. She explained, “The constant selfies, the constant self-accolades, like ‘I’m so cute!’ ‘You look so good Melissa Gorga!’ I’ve heard that’s what you do when you scroll on your Instagram. I feel like you’re making a mockery of people who are really going through it and people who really do IVF.” 

She continued, “I think you were absolutely faking that whole thing. I think your career has taken off. A baby would halt your journey right now. It’s a very selfless thing to have a baby. Look how much she would have to give up.”

Melissa was definitely taken aback by Jennifer’s comments and has since claimed that Jennifer is just starving for attention! Melissa also agreed with a fan who said Jennifer seeks approval from Teresa Giudice and is doing some of Teresa Giudice’s dirty work for her.

So, does Jennifer regret anything from part one of the reunion?

She tells AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY that she has zero regrets.

“None what so ever. Those three were so quick all season to gang up on me when I had barely any support. I knew, going into [the] reunion, that it was going to be 3 against 1-and I was right. I did not drink one sip as I wanted to be alert and quick to respond, as I was. I felt I was going into battle-so I wore my amour fiercely. Teresa had no idea what I was going to say. Aside from what people may think, She never talks about her SIL to me. I was looking at her when Andy was asking her questions because I was intrigued and curious as to what Teresa would say? And I didn’t know how the show would be edited but I’m shocked and happy about how it turned out. For once, my valid points weren’t edited down to the most outrageous thing I said, making me seem like a pretentious snob-which I’m not. I love and accept everybody-People saying I try too hard is such a joke- I’m just being me- which I always encourage everyone to do,” Jennifer reveals.

That’s not all!

She adds, “You guys only know me from what you see on the show and there’s so much more than meets the eye. I’m always the one apologizing to them-which I don’t mind doing as long as once in a while, it’s reciprocated. None of them are innocent in any of this as well. And even though they may not like me, I actually like them all. Every now and again I think that Margaret and I could be really good friends. Jackie is sweet but she seems a little timid and I think my big (sometimes obnoxious but funny)personality turns her off. And I think Melissa just is so into herself that she even doesn’t care. Which is fine. She’s a very pretty girl. I get it. Her career is taking off and she’s in the zone- and she seems like a very mothering mother where she’d want to be home and be with her baby, at least for the first year- so why would she stop all that for a baby when she had 3 beautiful healthy ones already? I didn’t get it- I’m not jealous – I simply state facts. And yes- I was a total bitch- but so is payback.”

Look – I can’t imagine being 3 against 1 and that is exactly what the reunion was for Jennifer. But she held her own and didn’t hold back! I really don’t think Jennifer came for Melissa because of Teresa. Melissa and Jennifer seem like two different people who just aren’t meant to be friends and that has nothing to do with Teresa!

Are you surprised Jennifer has no regrets? Thoughts on what she had to say?

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