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RHONJ Recap – Part 1

Welcome Jersey fans! We’ve made it all season but can we make it through this reunion?

Melissa is first to get her montage and focuses on her fake story line about having a baby at 40. Let’s be honest, we all know the Gorga’s needed a story line this season and the baby story line was the direction that they went. I don’t agree with what Jennifer said but I do question Melissa’s story lines (long lost sister ring a bell?) Jennifer may be annoying as hell but I do think she has a point regarding the Gorga’s story lines these past few seasons.

Marge is next in the hot seat and discusses her financial troubles along with body image issues and of course, Marge Sr. Margaret is not my favorite housewife by any means, but I give her credit for pretty much raising her mother and taking care of Marge Sr. in her older age. Side note: I didn’t even realize Marge didn’t drink but respect the fact that she doesn’t drink due to seeing her mom being drunk growing up. Like I said, not my favorite housewife but she definitely has some good qualities.

Dolores gets her recap next, and everyone (including myself) thinks she should get back with Frank as her current boyfriend seems flaky AF. Dolores is still looking for that commitment and won’t move in with David until she gets it. I think this is what Dolores said, I really couldn’t  tell as Jennifer was talking over and talking for her (like I said – she is annoying as hell this reunion.) Fortunately, Dolores is able to finally talk for herself and says despite what it looks like the two have great chemistry, however the ladies think she should move on.

The children of Jersey come up and of course adorable Frankie Catania is first to come up. We learn that Gia and Frankie are not dating as Frankie is not just hot but he is also going to be rich as he is working towards being an investment banker. The two are Jersey’s cutest couple and I’m holding out hope for these two – we need a new Bravo wedding special! Margaret and Jen’s parenting feud comes up and Margaret insists she was hands on mom despite being a working mom. I think both ladies are wrong here. Marge definitely threw the first punch by insinuating Jennifer doesn’t work, despite having five children, but Jennifer did shade Margaret. Being a stay at home mom with five children is definitely a full time job, even with help so I understand why Jen was so insulted. At the end of the day, insulting anyone’s mothering is gross so I wasn’t loving this.

Jackie’s battle with anorexia comes up and it’s painful to watch to say the least. Seeing her wedding photos was shocking, and no one should be publicly commenting on someone’s eating habits who has dealt with an eating disorder as it could be a trigger. Jackie admitted that she didn’t know production caught her eating rice puffs for breakfast and she was mortified to see it. I admire Jackie for battling her eating disorder and for being discreet with her finances as I do think she is an intelligent and classy woman.

Jennifer’s story lines are up next and while I do think Jennifer acts crazy, I do love her as a sister, wife and mother. Her brother’s story line was emotional and had me tear up a bit. I loved to see her brother tell his story about finding his path in life and how his relationship with his mother evolved. It was all sweet and nice until Margaret and Jennifer get into it again and then it all goes to hell.

The reunion at this point turns into Jennifer vs. the right side of the couch and it’s pretty annoying to watch. The topic of violence comes up and I don’t condone it at all. I don’t condone Jennifer throwing cutlery but I also don’t condone liquid throwing or throwing people in pools. I don’t understand why Marge gets a free pass as she has as hot a temper as Jennifer (as does Tre as does Melissa.) Dolores and Jackie only seem to be the only two that can control their tempers.

Next week we get more of the people vs. Jennifer and more information on Tre’s current life. Oh..and special guess Danielle. Stay tuned!

RHONJ reunion part two airs next Wednesday at 8 PM CST.

Thoughts on Part 1?

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