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Vanderpump Rules Recap: If You’re going to Drink – I Can’t Stop you

Welcome back to Brittany and Jax’s wedding special – oops I mean Vanderpump Rules! Despite not making it to the wedding yet, we’re still dealing with nonstop drama. So what’s going on this week in WeHo?

We start out with a very low key Stassi Schroder birthday, as she is growing up and realizes birthdays are better when you don’t have a full on meltdown. We used to see drunk Stassi in over the top parties; however this year it’s her boyfriend, close friends and a pink cupcake. Dare I say I like this new Stassi?

Over at Villa Rosa, Lisa’s friend and business partner Natalie comes over to comfort LVP after the passing of her mother. We learn that Lisa’s mother was a literal genius (she was even a member of Mensa) and considering LVP is smart as a whip, this doesn’t surprise me. My heart goes out to LVP as she’s had a very rough couple of years, and no matter how tough someone is, there is only so much one can take.

Equally depressing is Raquel and James’ relationship as James has proven to be verbally abusive time and time again, and it seems to be escalating. While Raquel seems conflicted on how to deal with James, Dayna reassures her that she doesn’t deserve this and urges her to do something about this behavior.

Across town, the group is celebrating Ariana’s birthday despite a tense environment. Ariana has been in a dark place; however is doing her best to lighten up for her big day. In addition, Sandoval and Jax haven’t yet made up and at this point Sandoval still isn’t invited to the Kentucky Castle for Brittany’s fairy tale wedding. Brittany tries to play peacemaker as at the end of the day she wants everyone to be there and happy for her wedding. Jax seems less enthusiastic to make up; however at the same time can’t imagine his wedding without Tom Sandoval. While Sandoval is thrilled, Schwartz is even happier as he now doesn’t have to carry the weight (or learn how to tie a bow-tie.)

The next day, a hungover Ariana calls Raquel to the back of SUR to try and help Raquel in her relationship with James. Ariana has been in a verbally abusive relationship before and recognizes a bad situation when she sees one.  Raquel shows Ariana the texts from James and it’s only a matter of time before James explodes again. I’d take Ariana’s sage advice any day over the ridiculous drama between Brett, Scheana and Charli that’s going on at the same time. I can’t deal with the new SUR-vers drama or Schean’s drama so the three of them together is like nails on a chalkboard. Next.

Thankfully we have (FINALLY) made it to the wedding week and I have to say – the Kentucky Castle is pretty darn beautiful! Everything is going well, and the bridesmaids are on point as they wisely tell Lala to change out of her bridal white dress for the wedding rehearsal. Side note- Tom Sandoval is the ultimate best man and is the most professional of all during rehearsals. Does anyone else think he is dying for his own wedding after being in so many of his friends?

Before we end this episode, we have one last scene between Raquel and James which shows that this couple is at their breaking point. James has a way of twisting his outbursts on other people and justifying it by saying he was drinking. He still doesn’t seem to see that his drinking may cost him the one relationship that means most to him.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday’s at 9/8 PM CST on Bravo. 

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