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Hard Times After Housewives: Gretchen Rossi Almost Lost Her Home to Foreclosure – Admits She Relied on that Bravo Paycheck!

As if the stress of a new baby wasn’t enough, Gretchen Rossi now has additional financial stress to add to her life.

Gretchen Rossi first joined the OC as the girlfriend of a much older (and richer) man. When her then-fiancé passed away, Gretchen wasn’t left with millions as many assumed. After dating Slade Smiley, the two postponed marriage as Slade’s finances were pretty dismal and Gretchen couldn’t afford to take on his debt. The two then went through IVF (which is very expensive if not covered by insurance) piling on additional financial stress. Gretchen seemed to rely on the housewife paycheck (along with using it for free advertising for her businesses) so it’s no shock that after leaving finances were tight.

According to, Gretchen was allegedly behind almost $26,000 in condo payments on her longtime Costa Mesa home as recently as last summer. So what is the current situation?

According to Gretchen herself, as discussed on her new podcast Knot too Taboo, she is still living in her house. Per Gretchen: “My house didn’t go up for auction. It was supposed to go up, I think, August 26 or something like that. The house never went into auction. I still have my house [and] we’re just fine.”

Despite insisting that the couple is “just fine” Gretchen did caution as to what happens when you rely on reality TV for a paycheck stating:

“That was a very big paycheck for us and one day that light was switched off and we were like, ‘Holy hell, that is a lot of money that we don’t have coming in anymore. We had to work really hard to find out what our next thing was and how we were going to make money… at that level. When you have that large of a paycheck coming in and that’s gone, you want to replace that.”

Wise words for any aspiring housewife! In addition to multiple side hustles, Gretchen and Slade rely on their new CBD company BioReigns for their income.

Housewives often think that their Bravo gravy train will last forever and it never does. Hopefully, Gretchen and Slade are able to stay financially stable as they have a new baby to take care of.

Thoughts on Gretchen’s comments?

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