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RHONJ Recap: Family Reunion

Grab your tissues Jersey fans, this one is going to be a tear jerker!

While the Garden State gals are still bickering over petty items, Tre has got some real world issues and is traveling to Italy with her girls for the ultimate family reunion. But first, let’s get into that crazy drama.

We’re still discussing hairgate and we have video evidence that Tre’s hands aren’t exactly 100% clean; however I still blame Danielle as I don’t think anyone expected a full on assault. You know Melissa can’t wait to get back and dish this info and luckily for her there is a whole party going on where she can air this dirty laundry. The crowd gathers round to hear Melissa tell her tale and Teresa is caught red handed. Originally, the ladies don’t believe it; however her guilt is proven when she has a violent outburst directed at production after it’s confirmed they are going to use this juicy material. Really Tre? Did you really think production was going to leave this footage on the cutting room floor? This is the type of thing that Bravo production lives for!

Tre locks herself in a room like a 12 year old girl; however the bright side is she sees the light and now agrees that Danielle is a snake (so at least we have that!) While Danielle begs for Teresa’s friendship, Tre finally cuts her off and I think every viewer was breathing a sigh of relief. Now that Tre has shifted alliances, she can see Margaret face to face and the two talk it out on the front porch. After pledging her loyalty to the Jersey cast and not Danielle, along with a pretty long apology, Margret seems to have moved on but there isn’t 100% forgiveness on her end. From a viewers perspective, I don’t think this friendship will ever be the same again.

We wrap up with Jersey early so we can move things over to Italy for the family reunion that everyone has been waiting for all season. I don’t mean to make light of this very sad situation, but at least Joe was deported to a beautiful country so his girls have a gorgeous place to visit when they visit their daddy. Very appropriately, Joe is living in the same village where he was born and that he and Tre’s parents are from (Sala Consilina.) The reunion is so emotional and I admit I teared up seeing the girls run to their dad. It’s also touching that Joe’s entire family came together to take him in and help him get back on his feet in Italy, all in all a very sweet scene.

Back at the hotel, things turn awkward when Tre and Joe discuss the sleeping situation. Joe had assumed he would be sleeping with his wife; however Tre turns him down. It’s  a sad scene to watch as this is twenty years of marriage and puts a damper on an otherwise happy reunion. Joe clearly is trying to woo Tersa over; however it’s clear that Tre is checked out of this marriage and is uncomfortable to watch.

After a tearful and emotional dinner, Joe and Tre get serious about their future. While Joe tries to keep their marriage together, it’s clear that Tre is out. Tre holds a lot of animosity towards Joe and what his actions have done to their family and can’t get past that in order to keep her marriage together. The two agree to end their marriage and to be frank it’s tough to watch. Ugh.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on this season? Predictions for the reunion?

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