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Bethenny Frankel Reveals Why She Quit RHONY; Claims Her Bravo Paycheck Was ‘Astronomical’

Bethenny Frankel is FINALLY opening up about her shocking exit from the Real Housewives of New York.

In August 2019, Bethenny shockingly quit the RHONY out of nowhere leaving fans devasted and wondering why.

Even months later, many fans are still upset over the Skinnygirl mogul‘s departure from the hit Bravo show.

Now, Bethenny’s getting real about quitting the show that made her a household name.

“I just was looking for a reason. And I just was ready to do it,” she told Variety. “I didn’t want to be there anymore. I didn’t want to be there anymore. I mean, honestly — I just didn’t.”

“Everyone thinks I left because of money. I wasn’t leaving because of money, I was staying because of money,” she explained. “It no longer became this platform to promote my business, because I had done that, and there was more promoting sort of new and questionable businesses than the legitimate ones at this point if that makes any sense.”

“So it wasn’t the platform anymore. It was really the paycheck, which was, you know, astronomical at that point,” she continued. “And so I was staying because of money. And I just thought to myself, a bartender, a high-class prostitute who’s making a lot of money, you gotta sometimes make a move, and just say, ‘Let me just do what feels right to me.'”

Bethenny says she made her decision in the blink of an eye while on the phone with Bravo execs and her publicist Jill Fritzo.

“‘You know what? I’m out.’ I just was out,” Bethenny recalls. “And I remember Jill, who’s on this phone call was like, ‘Wait, what are you saying? Are you sure?’ I had to deal with this, because they were starting to film, and I thought to myself, ‘I’m out. I’m just out.’ And Jill’s like, ‘Wait, what do you mean? Once you’re out, you’re out.’ I said, ‘I know. I’m out.'”

While many Housewives and reality stars say the drama takes a tole, Bethenny says she didn’t see it that way at all. One of Bethenny’s last and most dramatic moments on RHONY was when she accused co-star Luann de Lesseps of “dining out” on her sobriety in lieu of her newfound fame as a cabaret star.

“People across the franchise will tell you they develop anxiety, and it’s very stressful. And that’s not how I am in the relationships that I’ve cultivated over the years,” Frankel said when asked about the confrontation with Luann. “My ex Dennis used to say, ‘If someone said what that person said to you, I would never speak to them again as long as I live.’ You’re in a show environment, and it’s taxing. But sometimes what’s happening emotionally on the screen is also a result of exhaustion.”

She added, “I have a real career. So it’s really hard when we’re not covering that what I’m really doing is my career because I then have to do the show and my real career.”

The Skinnygirl mogul also admits it became exhausting doing the show because it wasn’t showing her real life as a businesswoman.

“So if we’re just showing me having lunches and on vacations, then I’ve got three jobs — because I’ve got to be a mother too,” she continued. “So it becomes really exhausting and taxing, and you get mired in caring about things and people that you just normally wouldn’t care about. There’s a level of gossip, and a level of gotcha — ‘oh, you did that and you cheated and you’re really broke, and you did this.” I just was ready. I just felt like I have to kind of really spend my time focusing on business, my daughter, philanthropy.”

“You want to just feel good about what you did. There’s no price on sanity, and your mental health and your emotional health,” Frankel added. “And you can’t pay me enough to just have a hysterical meltdown crying right now. There’s no amount of money that could make me want to sit somewhere and cry over something I wouldn’t normally care about.”

Earlier this week, Bethenny announced that she would be returning to reality TV with a new business competition show on HBO Max dubbed The Big Shot With Bethenny.

The half-hour series will follow aspiring moguls as they compete for a chance to win a spot on the executive team of Bethenny’s lifestyle brand, Skinnygirl.

“Aside from motherhood, what truly defines me as a person is being a driven, passionate and hard-working woman determined to make the impossible possible,” Frankel said in a statement obtained by Page Six. “My mantra is to come from a place of ‘yes’ and to find and create the solution. I am an executor of visions, and I share and impart that information to those who work with me. MGM has been neck-in-neck with me with ideas and their execution. I couldn’t be more thrilled to continue my longstanding relationship with Mark Burnett on this series and pay this American Dream story forward.”

The Real Housewives of New York returns to Bravo on April 2.

Thoughts on how Bethenny decided to quit RHONY? Are you surprised Bethenny stayed on RHONY for the money? Will you watch Bethenny’s new show?

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