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Let’s Discuss RHONJ: Secrets Revealed

Well when we heard the ladies and men of Jersey were going to the Jersey Shore, we knew things were going to get crazy – and turns out we were right!

While this episode had a lot of laughs, there also was a ton of drama, not surprisingly involving Jennifer Aydin. Margaret pokes and pokes the bear by rudely insinuating that stay at home mothers like Jennifer don’t actually work, which she had to know was going to get a reaction. I’m not a fan of Margaret this season as she thinks she can say/do whatever she wants and then acts surprised when people react. Naturally, Jennifer doesn’t take this lightly and questions how hands on Margaret was as a mother if she doesn’t think being a stay at home mom was a job. Jennifer always overreacts and I’m not defending her, but I don’t understand why the entire cast (minus Tre) give Marge a pass while going so hard on everyone else:

Fortunately there were plenty of laughs as well, as the men certainly can lighten up the situation. Joe Gorga volunteered to pay for Dolores’ and Frank’s wedding as he insisted the two were soulmates (and I agree!) It’s clear the two still have a lot of love for each other; however when the two are pressured to kiss it’s Joey and Frank who smooch to show Dolores how it’s done:

Unfortunately for Bill, the fun stops there as Dr. Ayding has wayyy too much to drink and can’t keep up with the Jersey boys. Bill is pretty much comatose and between the sun and alcohol, it actually looks pretty scary. Fortunately, Bill is well taken care of and it almost turns into a bonding moment for Bill and the boys after having differences with Joe Gorga in previous episodes.

Despite a few laughs, the real drama of the episode revolved around Danielle who is claiming that it was Teresa, and not herself, that had the idea to pull Margaret’s hair. Opening up to Melissa Gorga, Danielle proves the type of person she is by blaming the hair pulling incident on Tre. We see footage of Danielle being encouraged to pull Margaret’s long ponytail to which Teresa encourages. I don’t know what to make of all of this so I’ll have to hear what you guys have to say!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on the hair pulling extra footage?

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