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Gina Kirschenheiter is Moving in with Boyfriend of Only Six Months – Including their Six Children!

Well – that was fast!

Gina Kirschenheiter was trying to reconcile with her ex-husband last season of RHOC, however she has quickly moved on after her husband was allegedly abusive and even continued to see the woman he had an affair with. To the surprise of no one, Gina decided to move on and when she moves on – the girl moves on fast!

According to People Magazine Gina and her boyfriend of only six months, Travis Mullen, are moving in together and that will include their six children as well. Perhaps Gina should quit RHOC and start her own ‘Bravo Brady Bunch’ reality show?

Gina understands what a big move this is and promises fans she isn’t taking this lightly. Speaking to People, Gina states:

“It’s kind of major. I know it’s nuts, but we’ve been together half a year. And when I think about that, I’m like, ‘That’s not a long time.’ But I honestly feel like I’ve known him forever. It seems so much longer.”

I don’t want to be a negative Nancy but six months is still in the ‘honeymoon stage’ and s*it gets real when people move in together (and that’s not even including six children!)

Apparently Gina disagrees as she added:

“It’s really nice to see how close the kids are and how much they love each other. They even all have their own space. It’s only three bedrooms but we have triple bunk-beds in both the kids’ rooms, so everyone has settled into their own corner. They’re just so happy together, all six of the kids, that it makes us feel so confident in this decision and reminds us that we’re doing the right thing.”

“We’re a modern day Brady Bunch. We’re one maid away from having someone to fill out that center square!”

The Bravo version of The Brady Bunch will include Gina’s three children Nicholas, 7, Sienna, 5, and Luca, 3 and Travis’ three children two daughters and a son — aged 8, 6, and 3.

Gina is even posting photos of their big, happy family on Instagram, showing the couple consider themselves an official family:

I hope the best for Gina (after what she went through with her ex – she deserves happiness) however I have my doubts. Six months seems very fast and I have a feeling once they move in together that honeymoon phase will be over. Not to mention, the kids have already been through enough, so for the sake of the children, I hope it does work so they don’t have to endure more changes.

Thoughts on Gina moving in with her boyfriend so quickly?

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Source: People Magazine

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