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Andy Cohen Has NeNe Leakes’ Back After She Claps Back At Kenya Moore’s Claim Bravo Is “Phasing” Her Out of RHOA

The tea is exceptionally good today so pour yourself a big old cup!

Kenya Moore appeared on Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen but it was her co-star NeNe Leakes who stole the show.

As Kenya was on WWHL, NeNe was tweeting her little heart away and wanted Andy to ask Ms. Moore some very pertinent questions. And not surprisingly Andy was happy to oblige.

“Here’s a Q for Ken @andy….ask her y is she out doin press sayin BRAVO is fazing me out? BRAVO hasn’t told me or my team that! Why is she out sayin I have lost money from NOT being n episodes. I negotiated my episodes & money Upfront? I have NOT lost anything #shady #hater,” NeNe tweeted. 

This drama stems from the recent press Kenya has been doing for RHOA. During several interviews, Kenya has claimed that Bravo seems to be phasing NeNe out of the show.

“She tries so hard to tell people she’s the HBIC,” Kenya told Entertainment Tonight last week. “She’s the this, she’s the that. She’s the originator. ‘Oh, the real premiere just starts…’ And in fact, her presence now is not impactful at all. She’s missed out on at least four to five episodes this season, so that clearly means the network is sending you a message. You’re not as important as you think you are.”

“The message is very clear: either the network feels that you are still a valuable asset on the show or they don’t, and you’re replaced and phased out, and you just have to move on,” she continued. “NeNe has been on the show for a very long time, and I just think the cast is not gelling with her. She always puts herself on an island. She makes these fights with people that don’t actually have to occur and she’s really the cause of her own demise.”

NeNe went on to call the attacks from Kenya “malicious.”

“The malicious against me is so real (i better be careful tho) On the outside looking in, you would think i have really done something so serious to this group! I have worked on many sets and NOT ONE can give a bad report on me! NOT ONE! Only this group of haters,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, on WWHL, Andy shared NeNe’s tweet with Kenya.

Kenya doubled down on her claims, saying, “I guess she would need to ask Bravo why they are cutting her out of many episodes this season.”

Andy then explained that everything NeNe filmed for season 12 has and is being used.

“I’m not the one behind the editing and figuring out the show,” Kenya explained, adding that she believes NeNe is being phased out based on what she’s seeing but points out “that’s not something” she can 100% confirm.

“If you’re being cut out of episodes, clearly the sign is you’re not as important as you think you are,” Kenya continued.

“I don’t think she’s being cut out of episodes because I think everything that was shot with NeNe is in the show,” Andy fired back. “We’re not cutting anything out.”

As for NeNe, she continues to insist that she hasn’t been cut from one episode during season 12 of RHOA while thanking Andy for having her back.

“I HAVE NOT been cut out of any episodes! I negotiated my episodes just like everyone else did! I’m getting every dime I asked for! Thank you for asking and clearing that up @andy That means a lot to me,” NeNe tweeted.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on NeNe’s tweets? Do you believe Kenya’s claims that Bravo is phasing NeNe out? Who would you rather have on RHOA – Kenya or NeNe?

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