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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Your Pride Is Showing

Grab your Pumptini because it’s time for an all-new episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Things kick off with Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval trying on their over the top suites for PRIDE. Only these two could pull off these white suits complete with rainbow embellishments and tassels.

The Toms seem to be a little worried about the White Kanye, aka James Kennedy DJing at TomTom during PRIDE. However, Sandoval is convinced that James will be great for business, but he does hope James can leave the drinking and drama for another day.

Katie Maloney, on the other hand, isn’t too thrilled about James DJing at TomTom but seems to be sucking it up for the sake of her husband.

We then head over to Lisa Vanderpump’s house, where several new SURvers, along with Scheana, are gathering to make signs for PRIDE.

The SUR crew heads outside to work on their signs, but Lisa pulls Scheana to the side to discuss a few things. Lisa thinks Scheana has a thing for SUR newbie Brett Caprioni, but besides that, she calls Scheana out for being less than welcoming to Dayna Kathan.

Lisa encourages Scheana to be nice to Dayna, which annoys Scheana to no end. Scheana gets even more pissed off even more when Lisa suggests that she is jealous of Dayna because Dayna is now dating her ex-hookup buddy Max Boyens. In her confessional, Lisa calls Scheana out for sleeping with all of her “good friends,” which is the most accurate statement ever.

Scheana insists she’s not jealous of Dayna and claims she could care less about Dayna hooking up with her sloppy seconds Max She insists she’s not a fan of Dayna because she doesn’t know her. Sure, Scheana!

Raquel, who’s helping with the PRIDE signs, claims that James is doing sooooo good and isn’t drinking at all. Keep telling yourself that, doll.

After Scheana storms off from her conversation with Lisa, Raquel tells that Dayna will be joining them when they get their hair done for PRIDE. This update infuriates Scheana even more.

Ariana Madix then arrives at Villa Rosa. She and Lisa have candid and emotional conversations about their mutual battles with depression. Ariana reveals that she’s been having suicidal thoughts and even thought about driving her car off the road. Lisa then insists that Ariana return to bartending at SUR to help keep her busy and active. Ariana jumps at the chance, and it seems the two have finally put their drama from last season behind them.

Over in WeHo, Stassi Schroeder, Brittany Cartwright, and Lala Kent all revel in the fact that they don’t have to work at SUR during PRIDE. Instead, they get to have fun and walk around West Hollywood, enjoying the parade. Brittany reveals that Jax Taylor is pissed that he has to bartend at SUR during PRIDE.

Speaking of working PRIDE, James is giddy as a schoolgirl that he’s DJing at TomTom for PRIDE. Raquel, on the other hand, is ready to put her beauty pageant skills to use during the parade. She will be in the parade, doing her best pageant wave, with the rest of the SUR crew but then has to SURve drinks all day. However, she promises that she will try to sneak over to TomTom to catch the beginning of James’ set.

Despite getting a second chance with the Toms, James can’t help but bring up the drama from last year’s PRIDE. James is STILL pissed that Katie got him fired from SUR. He’s even more pissed that she then quit working there a few months later.

James also reveals that he’s once again on the outs with Lala and guess what it’s all James’ fault. Shocker. It turns out Lala didn’t think it was funny that James got involved in her and Randall Emmett’s drama with 50 Cent.

Meanwhile, Dayna wakes up on PRIDE day only to find out that Raquel has uninvited her to get her hair done with the rest of the group. It looks like Schena manipulated Raquel into leaving Dayna out, which isn’t surprising.

It’s FINALLY time for PRIDE!

At SUR,  Danica Dows is busy setting up for the rush and reveals that they are short-staffed – in a major way. Jax arrives and points out just how short-staffed they are. While Jax will be jumping behind the bar to help bartend, at least until 1 o’clock, he refuses to help set up and says, “I don’t do that.” Jax then starts drinking to get through the day while also claiming he doesn’t dress up, which is funny considering he was dressed up as an old man last weekend.

On the parade route, Katie Maloney and Ariana catch up with Lisa and Brett. Ariana reveals that it’s her first PRIDE parade since coming out as bi-sexual. Sandoval, who’s also on the parade route, calls to check in on Max at TomTom.

Max seems to have everything handled at TomTom as James arrives to get the party started. At SUR, Jax pretends to have never met Dayna before despite meeting her last year at the Mondrian. Jax admits that Dayna is hot but says he’s not into blondes, which is hilarious considering he was obsessed with Stassi for years! Jax also says he’s “super picky” with women, which we know is a total lie.

Back on the parade route, Scheana continues to act like a 12-year-old and bad mouth Dayna for no reason. Stassi, Beau, Lala, and Brittany arrive at TomTom. James quickly spots Lala and goes over to say hi to the group. He asks to talk with Lala away from the group, and she shockingly agrees.

James apologizes to Lala and says he knows what he did was wrong and admits he f–ked up. Lala says she understands that but is done with their friendship. While Lala says she forgives James; she also admits she knows he was drunk when he posted that stuff on Instagram. Despite Lala forgiving James, she says she can’t be around him for her own sobriety. Lala then cheers James with her non-alcoholic drink, but James can’t say the same. James admits he’s drinking booze when Lala asks if she can take a sip of his drink.

Switching back to the parade, Stassi, Beau, Britt, and Lala see Lisa and company in the parade. Stassi takes us back to season 2 and reminds them that they didn’t have to endure listening to Scheana sing Good as Gold 900 million times. Talk about a blast from the past.

The Toms finally arrive at TomTom and are living it up, celebrating their first PRIDE in their restaurant just as James starts to unravel. He calls Raquel and chews her out for missing his first set. While Lisa and the Toms are reveling in their success, Raquel has rushed to be by James’ side. However, it seems that she’s supposed to be working at SUR. And let’s just say, Peter Madrigal and Danica are less than thrilled.

James goes over to say hi to Lisa and thank her for having him. Lisa makes it clear it wasn’t her decision to have him DJ the event. Katie chimes and jokes that it was her decision. James tries to play nice but drops the bomb that Raquel is in the DJ booth instead of being at SUR. He tries to play it off and says Raquel wasn’t scheduled to work, but Lisa knows better. James then lies to Lisa’s face and says he wasn’t drinking today at all, but it doesn’t seem like Lisa believes him.

And just when we thought things could get any crazier, we head back to SUR to find Scheana on the bar singing Good as Gold. After hopping off the bar, Scheana pulls Dayna outside to chat. Dayna calls Scheana out for hazing her and asks  her – “Are you 34 or 16?” She then accuses Scheana of being threatened by her. Scheana denies the claim but says she doesn’t trust Dayna’s intentions. She then cries and blames it on her hormones and freezing her eggs, which Dayna doesn’t buy. Scheana apologizes and admits she hasn’t been cool. The two smooth things over in the most SUR way ever – by taking a shot.

As for Raquel finally makes it over to SUR and gets chewed out by Peter. And next week she’ll have to face Lisa over her actions. Yikes.

Vanderpump Rules airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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