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Let’s Discuss RHONJ: Sorry Not Sorry

Hey Jersey fans! I hope everyone’s week is going well (well at least better than Jennifer Aydin’s) who seems to be in hot water due to her huge mouth and monkey lined lips. So where do we even begin?

This episode dealt with the aftermath from the hangover in the Hamptons which includes Jennifer apologizing to Jackie for her inexcusable behavior. Jackie has heard ‘I’m sorry’ one too many times and isn’t buying Jennifer’s apology as she woman can’t seem to keep her mouth shut and we all know she will do it again. Is Jennifer the Jersey version of Rinna who is stuck on a constant cycle of ‘rage and regret?’

If that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve got Joey Gorga going at it with Bill Aydin (and we all love it when the men get involved – insert eye roll.) Joe goes up to Bill to confront Jennifer disrespecting Melissa and has little Joe (Marge’s husband) as his sidekick to back him up. I understand Joey wanting to defend his wife, but I hate when the men get into the women’s drama. No one was physically hurt so let your wife and the girls handle this one Joe:

Things went from dark to darker this episode as not only is there a huge rift in the group but Tre reveals she and Joe are pretty much done after he admitted the feelings were gone. Tre confides in her brother who encourages her to do what’s best for her as it’s obvious to everyone that their relationship has ran it’s course:

Things then go from darker to darkest when Tre and the girls visit Joe in the ICE detention facility. While it was great that Gia and Milania could see their father, it was a sad moment as they couldn’t talk to him without a glass partition and everyone could visibly see how worn out Joe was. These poor girls have been through so much and I give Gia so much credit for what an amazing young woman and big sister she has become. She has definitely become the voice of reason in this chaotic franchise:

I don’t know about you but this episode was way too dark for me. I understand production needs to film what is going on in the ladies’ lives but would it hurt to have a laugh or two?! Next stop is the shore so hopefully things lighten up there.

The RHONJ airs Wednesdays at 8 PM EST. 

Thoughts on this episode?

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