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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Grumpy Old Men

The cast of Vanderpump Rules may be getting older but this episode they are taking it to a new level. Are you ready for the real old man Jax?

As if it’s any surprise, this bachelorette party has been a mess as the ladies continue to argue at the dinner table over whose man messes around on them more. After agreeing that no one was going to win this fight, the ladies are off to a strip club of their own, as the guys (especially Jax) already had their fun. While the ladies are off to see young, hot men, their own men are off in some epic disguises. I bow down to those make up artists as they legit look like dirty old grandpas (probably how the real VPR men will look in 40 years.) The future is upon us ladies and gentlemen and it’s not pretty!

While the girls get crazy, the men come in disguise to keep an eye on the ladies; however are spotted almost right away. Despite the disguises being top of the line I think anyone would notice a group of dirty old men stroll into a strip club so they aren’t incognito for too long.

Back in WeHo, as the ‘we hate James Kennedy’ club is in Miami, LVP and Max discuss bringing James Kennedy back in to DJ. James may be a hot mess but he brings in money so Max is eager to get him back on the payroll. While LVP ponders the consequences of this, Dayna and Danica discuss the new Jax Taylor (aka Max) who is getting around with all the SUR girls. Dayna decides to do what SUR girls do best: ignore the red flags and go full ahead into that relationship. Good luck girl – I bet I know how that is going to end!

Back in Miami, our favorite bromance is showing cracks as TomTom is having issues with it’s namesake: Tom and Tom. Sandoval is doing a piss poor job of defending his actions at Stassi’s events and neither he or Ariana can admit that they insinuated that Schwartz is incompetent. Despite the conversation being serious I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the two arguing in their old men masks – did anyone else? At the end of the day these two dirty old men love each other and are able to hug it out and admit they have different talents and both overreacted. Why didn’t we get a TomTom kiss to go with it?!

Despite Tom and Tom repairing their relationship, Dayna and Max’s relationship is on rocky ground back in Hollywood. Dayna explains what Danica told her, which Max denies adamantly. Max denies that he was ever in a relationship with Ariana, and I’m seriously getting a ‘young Jax’ vibe from him (and I don’t mean that as a compliment.) Side note: I just can’t get into the new Sur-vers or their drama. Is anyone else having this problem??

The parties continues in Miami and while Brittany is having a great time, I had to laugh when she said that Kristen looks to her and Jax as relationship goals. Brittany may be sweet and bubbly person, but no one in their right mind is looking to her for relationship advice. Despite everyone partying and having fun, the drama with Kristen continues as no one can stand the ridiculous relationship drama with her and Carter. In the words of Stassi: you’re no longer in your 20’s and you’re too old for this type of relationship Kristen! Despite her getting on my nerves I do feel bad for her as she is watching all her friends move while she seems to be stuck in the same drama.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday’s at 9/8 CST on Bravo. 

Thoughts on this episode? What do you think of Jax and Brittany’s wild Miami bachelor/bachelorette party?

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