Let’s Discuss RHONJ: The Hamptons Hangover

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So just in case your week is boring things are anything but in Jersey. We start out this episode with Melissa about to lose her sh*t after Jennifer threw cutlery at her. The ladieds have to be separated so a brawl doesn’t break out; however Melissa is pissed that Tre left with the other team.

After Dolores, Tre and Jen leave the table, Jackie has an emotional about her eating disorder and to be honest I had no idea how far she has come as I had noticed that she barely touched food. Margaret and Melissa are loyal to Jackie while Dolores and Tre are still hurting from Melissa saying that Jackie is the only one winning out of the group. I have to admit I’m somewhere in the middle. Nothing wrong with being frugal like Jackie but as Dolores said, if the other ladies can afford it, no need to insinuate Jackie’s kids are better off like Melissa insinuated.

Back at the house, WWIII (Jersey style) breaks loose as Melissa is upset that Tre left the lunch and didn’t stick by her side. After Jennifer and Jackie agree that they hate each other, Jennifer vows to leave; however Tre stays to prove to Melissa that she is loyal. Dolores decides to leave with Jennifer so Jen doesn’t have to go solo; however I think Dolores was just looking for an excuse to leave as it’s clear she wasn’t having fun.

Someone who is having fun are the men of Jersey who meet for drinks and to oogle at the cute waitress while the ‘wives are away. You know it’s a manly night out when Frank Catania orders a martini ‘Sex and the City’ style. I will say the Jersey men know how to work the housewives franchise. They flow with the story line, have fun scenes but don’t steal the spotlight. Nicely done Jersey men!

When the ladies return, Melissa and Joe go to work out and gossip about Tre and Jennifer. They both agree that Tre may have poor judgement in people in general but when she reaches her boiling point she is done. Melissa explains that it sounds like Tre is leaning towards divorce as she talks about her marriage to Joe in the past tense. Joe agree that his sister won’t be taking crap from her husband anymore (and she’s already getting shirtless photos from cute Tony) so I think it’s safe to say that the writing is on the wall.

Also facing a personal crisis is Margaret who is feeling the absence of a parent figure (which is apparent as she calls her mom ‘Marge Sr.’) Margaret isn’t my favorite housewife but I feel for her as she always has to be the parent and breadwinner and the stress has definitely taken a toll. Marge Sr., at the age of 73, decides she is finally going to be the mother figure that Marge always wanted which makes them both emotional, so hopefully this is a new chapter for them both.

Meanwhile, across town Teresa and Joey Gorga meet up and reminisce about whose spouse killed their once close bond. Sigh…memories. Nevertheless, Teresa and Joy bond over Tre’s current situation as Joey tries to build up his sister’s confidence. Teresa doesn’t know how she feels about her husband, but as her daughters are daddy’s girls, she isn’t going to ruin their trip to visit Joe while he is in ICE.

As it’s taken Tre and the girls four months approval to visit Joe in ICE, going to visit is a huge deal. Unfortunately, she can only take two so she is taking her eldest Gia and Milania who is having the toughest time without her dad. All is going well until Tre realizes she forgot her wallet and ID and isn’t sure if this will ruin her and the girls chances of seeing Joe.

To be continued my friends….

The ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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