RHONJ Recap: Clearing the Heir

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Whose ready for some hostility in the Hamptons this episode of New Jersey? The ladies have left the Garden State and are doing a girls weekend in the Hamptons; however in true Jersey style nothing is going smoothly.

Tre comes into the beach house hot as she is still upset that she wasn’t invited to Margaret’s Mother’s Day drag brunch. The two decide to sit down to get to the bottom of their issues; however Tre is lost when Charles Manson comes up which derails the entire conversation. I would never side with Danielle but Margaret is no angel so I don’t know why all of these ladies pretend that she is. Tre reveals that her loyalty to Danielle stems in the fact that Danielle was there for her when her mother died, and to Tre, that proved her loyalty.

Dolores calls little Frankie as he is taking Gia to the prom and all the moms (and us fans) are freaking out over this adorable Jersey couple. As the other ladies get ready, Jennifer finds the tequila which is never a good idea as Jennifer turns into a monster when her lips touch tequila. The ladies take a shot which sets the tone for the evening as tensions are already high and with alcohol involved it’s only going to escalate.

At dinner, Tre reveals her new eating habits which she has passed down to Milania as Milania has been dealing with a lot of stress in her life. Joe ends up calling in the middle of dinner to ask Dolores to find Tre a doctor so he and Tre can have a relationship like Dolores and Frank. The conversation is cringe worthy and helps Margaret put her beef with Teresa in perspective, so the silver lining is that their argument is dropped. Fortunately for Tre, the conversation turns to money – particularly Jackie’s money as Jennifer is fascinated by it. Jennifer may be tacky AF but I really get the vibe that Jackie secretly loves the attention and to now be known as the ‘rich housewife.’ We all know that Jersey housewives are plagued by bad businesses and bankruptcy so Jackie very well may be the richest one in the group.

Jackie may have a beautiful house but she is not the hostess with the mostess, as Melissa has to cook everyone breakfast as Jackie picks at rice puffs. Jackie is extremely thin and we almost never see her eat so I do see a lot of red flags here. The ladies decide to head out shopping, but first gossip about Teresa and Joe. Dolores is by far the closest to Tre and hits the nail on the head: the way that Joe used to talk to Teresa ain’t going to fly anymore. Tre walks in and the conversation instantly dies down as the ladies head out to the town.

While shopping, the topic of Jennifer’s tacky ass ways come up and the ladies all agree that she is a spoiled brat, but Jackie is bothered the most about the money questions. Dolores jumps to her defense stating that people that didn’t grow up with money get excited about it, and say what you want, Jennifer is generous. Jen feels that Jackie is cheap and stingy (which is totally uncalled for) but I will say if Jackie wants to hang with the housewives, she’s got to up her party throwing and hostessing skills.

The ladies meet for lunch and Margaret discloses to Jackie all the things that Jennifer said about her being stingy. The two end up in a huge feud and I can’t defend Jennifer as she is beyond rude and it’s so cringe worthy I almost couldn’t watch. Who the hell fights over a kids birthday party!?!? Melissa comes to Jackie’s defense and ends up nearly getting a physical altercation with Melissa. And that ladies and gents is where we leave off. Yikes.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday’s at 9/8 CST.

Thoughts on this episode? What do you think about Jennifer’s actions towards Jackie?

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