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Jennifer Ayden Doesn’t Back Down; Says She Doesn’t Regret Calling Jackie Cheap And Reminds Her They Aren’t Hobo’s And They Are Filming A Show!

On Wednesday’s episode of RHONJ – things get wild when Jennifer calls Jackie cheap and stingy! It all starts when Jennifer questions why Jackie – someone who she just found out is super-wealthy would not have ‘adult’ food at her child’s birthday party. For those of you who don’t remember – Jackie threw her son a birthday party and had pizza and Amazon bags for goody bags. Jennifer was confused by this and confided to Margaret about it. Margaret joked it was because Jackie didn’t eat much and that could be why but still defended Jackie saying she is not cheap.

Once the ladies got together – Margaret thought it would be a good idea to bring up what Jennifer had said and while I know Margaret’s intent was not to embarrass Jackie – I do wish she would have brought this up one on one. Things escalated and Jennifer stood by the fact that she thought Jackie was being cheap and stingy.

So with some time passed – does Jennifer regret the names she called Jackie?

Jennifer tells Bravo’s After Show she does not saying, “No. I have seen a lot of different birthday parties given to all different social classes – okay – and I have seen people who don’t have a pot to piss in throw the nicest/cutest party for their child. Not cause they’re shoving their lack of money down my throat but because it’s their joy to give a nice party to their guest. I’m not saying spend millions!! I’m just saying a little bit more on the spectrum which is something a little more [expectable] for someone who has millions in the bank and that’s what it really came down to for me.”

Jennifer adds that the problem for her was she was on a no-carb diet at the time and all Jackie offered was pizza and some sandwiches. She then says she didn’t even care to eat because she was on a diet while Teresa backs Jennifer up agreeing that Jackie should have had more “adult” food at the birthday.

Margaret said that Jennifer calling Jackie cheap is laughable and says she probably shouldn’t have opened her mouth. Jackie says Margaret thought it was funny and that’s why she said something. Jackie says it wasn’t laughable and it really bothered her. Jennifer continues coming for Jackie saying that they are on the housewives not on the Hobos and that because they are on camera – Jackie should not be throwing something like that.

Here’s what I’ll say. My little girl turns one next week and I am not throwing a party. Being Middle Eastern myself – I am used to many throwing lavish first parties or birthdays in general and I personally think it’s a waste. I have the means – but my one-year-old doesn’t get it and why spend so much money when most of the time – other parents are usually just judging? Now I don’t at all have issues with anyone who goes all out. I think they are brave and I enjoy attending – But I can say I don’t really find Jackie to be cheap. I think she was just lazy about her kids’ birthday more than anything hence the Amazon goody bags and the pizza. She knows the kids don’t care either way and are just happy to celebrate.

Thoughts on what Jennifer had to say? Who’s side are you on? Do you think Jackie is cheap?

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