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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Next Level Rage Texts

Welcome Vanderpump fans! We may have a new cast this season but we definitely have old drama. So what’s in store this episode?

We start out with Stassi proving to all of us that she can be a domesticated goddess as her beloved brother Nickolai and her estranged mother are visiting her and Beau. Stassi has her family in town as she is doing a book signing of her NYT bestseller, ‘Next Level Basic’ at TomTom bar in WeHo.

Meanwhile at Tomtom, the talk is all about Max and Brett as their love lives are now front and center as the rest have coupled up. Am I crazy or do Max and Brett look identical? I haven’t got used to them yet so my apologies in advance if I get these two confused (it’s inevitable.) One thing that these two do have in common is that they think Scheana is cray-cray (which is true – and we all know it.) Speaking of the devil, Scheana ends up strutting in (not that it was producer driven at all.) Scheana pulls Max  aside as she is upset that she was called boy crazy and definitely has the receipts to prove he is hypocritical AF. After the racist tweets that we’ve seen that both Max and Brett put out, I’ve definitely got the vibe that both are fame whores and have a hard time taking either of them seriously (even as SUR employees.)

Over at Villa Rosa, LVP is having a culture shock both over Kentucky culture and with Stassi’s writing style. Personally I love the scene and for what it’s worth LVP is much better suited as a boss-lady on VPR vs. a cast member on RHOBH.

The light and funny scene is short lived as we move over to Stassi and Beau as Stassi just received a malicious text from Sandoval regarding her upcoming book signing at TomTom. Apparently Stassi only ran it by Schwartz and not Sandoval and this is a huge issue (per Sandoval) as the bar is short staffed. As Stassi correctly stated: their poor management is not her problem so be a bar owner and deal with it Sandoval! Good thing Stassi is engaged to Beau as Beau brings a logical and rational perspective vs. Stassi’s impulsive actions.

Over at Scheana’s, she apparently is the new mother hen as she is hosting all the new SUR chicks for uniform fittings and (of course) boy talk. Sigh….Scheana- when will you get some depth and grow up? The girls all agree that they aren’t happy with the fitting of their SUR uniforms, and I may be in the minority, but I am not a fan of the SUR dresses. I feel they need to be more chic and, to be blunt, are outdated (sorry LVP.) God knows that SUR make enough money so maybe it’s time to bring in a stylist for something that’s more universally flattering and versatile?

At TomTom, thankfully Schwartz knows how to be a business owner and takes care of business by finding some last minute bar tenders. I mean this is a bar for crying out loud – if they don’t have bar tenders on call I would seriously worry about their management at this WeHo staple. Stassi’s book signing at TomTom is an overall success until Sandoval and Ariana storm in being debbie downers and want to discuss worst case scenarios despite the even already being a success. I’m an Ariana and Sandoval fan, so for me to not take their side says something about their attitude in this scene.

Stassi ends up storming over and puts Sandoval in his place for giving her sh*t after she gave TomTom a ton of business (and also gives her fans the show that they paid and hoped for.) With all due respect to Sandoval as a bartender and co-owner: he looks like an ass in this scene. I’m not a fan as to how he talked down to Schwartz and with how he dealt with a minor thing such as bar tender scheduling. If you have an issue with your staff’s schedule you deal with your fellow owners and managers and you absolutely do not involve the talent (and by talent in this sentence I mean Stassi.)

Next time on VPR we’re jetting off to Miami so things are bound to heat up – stay tuned SUR fans!

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday’s at 9/8 CST on Bravo.

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