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RHONJ Recap: Mama Drama

Hey fellow Jersey fans! How are we enjoying this season? If you’re not feeling it yet you’re in store for some surprises as this episode the ladies venture to the Hamptons and – surprise! We learn that Jackie is secretly rich!

We start out with Melissa giving a recap of the envy fashion show but is interrupted by her fertility clinic calling to tell Melissa that she is a fertile myrtle but Joey’s sperm have some work to do. Looks like Tarzan needs to work on his little swimmers!

Over a Margaret’s, she is under financial stress due to her lawsuit and is looking to sell part of her property. She is trying to enjoy the property while she can and is throwing a drag queen brunch (minus Tre) for Mother’s Day. Jackie isn’t going to let Margaret do all of the hosting as she is ready to show the ladies the rich side of her and is inviting everyone to her house in the Hamptons (that no one knew she had.)

Across town, Dolores and Tre are bonding and doing what mothers do: Scheming about ways they can control their kids’ lives and are trying to set up Frankie and Gia. The two are both adorable Jersey kids and I think not only Tre and Dolores (but us viewers as well) would love to see them get together.

Mother’s Day is here and Teresa’s four daughters are making her breakfast as a sweet surprise. Tre is super emotional on this day, not just because she is spending it with her daughters but because it makes her think of her beloved mother Antonia. Joe ends up calling in the middle of breakfast; however it turns out awkward as the two end up fighting in front of the kids (about a necklace) and the whole thing ends up ruining the breakfast. I really think Tre and Joe need to be more conscience about fighting in front of their children as they have already been through enough and it’s clearly affecting them.

Margaret’s Mother’s Day party is  more on the nontraditional side as she is holding a Drag Queen brunch but I have to admit it looks like a blast. The Queens look spectacular and this brunch comes with mimosas, so sign me up! Jennifer’s poor mother is a fish out of water but everyone else is down for the celebration. The elephant in the room is that Teresa wasn’t invited; however Margaret seems to be done with her (former) friendship with Tre due to her blind loyalty to Danielle.

The next day, Dolores meets her boyfriend (and I don’t mean Frank) at his work to have lunch. Dolores discusses David’s sniper school and is confused as to how it took priority over his girlfriend’s social event. Dolores finally lays down the law – and all I have to say is better late than never! I don’t see the chemistry or passion between these two and feel that she and Frank have what this couple is lacking. This scene was like pulling teeth and painful to watch – David, decide what you want to do or get off the pot!

Over at Jennifer’s, she and her mother are also having an uncomfortable conversation as her sweet, traditional mother barely made it through the drag queen show. Jennifer uses it as a segue way to discuss her brother’s sexuality which has been a secret in their family. I respect Jennifer’s mother as she clearly loves her son and is conflicted by her traditional upbringing in Turkey. The conversation is open, honest and truthful and even made me tear up a little.

The ladies are getting ready to go to the Hamptons and while packing, Jennifer just can’t help being Jennifer and looks up the value of the home. Jennifer clearly is impressed and obsessed with money and now that she knows Jackie is loaded I think we’ll see her cozy up to her a little more. I will say I also didn’t know Jackie had so much money and am impressed she is so discreet and classy about it. Her Hamptons home is gorgeous and the fact that it gets $50K a summer when being rented out says a lot about the property. Despite the beautiful setting, things are awkward from the get-go as Teresa immediately confronts Margaret about not inviting her to the party, before the ladies can unpack or open a bottle of wine. So how will this end? Stay tuned!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday’s at 9/8 CST. 

Thoughts on this episode? Should Margaret have invited Teresa?

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