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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Training Days

It may be chilly where I’m at but it’s always hot in WeHo at SUR! Last week we saw a sober Lala, a messy Kristen and domesticated Toms (for full recap click here.) So what’s in store for episode two?

We start out with Brittany doing a sexy wedding photo shoot for Jax as a wedding present. I will say as far as boudoir photo shoot goes, it was pretty, classy and cute so props to Brit! The girls discuss crazy Kristen and out of control James while Brittany worries that all the drama in this group will ruin her wedding day.

Over at Villa Rosa, the hot new server Brett has a side hustle as LVP’s trainer. Brett worries that he may have led Scheana on by kissing her and if we can learn from history, the answer to that is…yes. Scheana is probably the most boy crazy girl I’ve ever met and ends up getting in a middle school feud with the new server Dayna about…you guessed it….a boy!

Lala is back in the studio and her former collaborator DJ James Kennedy stops by. James has a case of the ‘Real Housewives’ amnesia as Lala has to remind  him of all the sh*tty stuff he said; however the two are able to squash their beef and vow to move on. While Lala and James try to act like adults, Scheana is back to being a 14 year old girl as she once again feels played after hanging out with a guy for a month and dealing with the fact that didn’t work out. Can someone please hold an intervention for Scheana as the girl is 34 years old but acts like a tween – it’s cringe worthy.

Across town, Brittany and Jax are shopping for bridesmaids gifts; however Brittany gets distracted and starts looking for her next diamond upgrade. Their conversation turns to Kristen and Carter as Jax doesn’t want Carter going on their upcoming Miami trip (and when Jax says a guy is no good – that’s saying something.) The group seems to agree that Carter is a free-loader and are baffled as to what’s going on in their relationship as it’s clear that Kristen isn’t being entirely truthful.

At SUR, Scheana is tangled up in her boy drama as she is freezing eggs and looking for a man to procreate with. While Scheana deals with that, Ariana stops by to check in and beg for her job back. Unfortunately for Ariana, LVP sure holds a grudge and calls Ariana out for talking behind her back so questions Ariana wanting to come back. Ariana deals with the backlash in a dignified and respectful manner; however LVP wants her to sweat and says she needs to sleep on it. Ariana has been feeling bored and anxious and is showing signs of depression; however she is self-aware enough to acknowledge it and seems to be dealing with it head on.

The group heads out to support Dayna on her stand up night while Katie and Stassi work on some home renovations. We all know that Bravo stars and stand up comedy don’t mix (Slade and Gretchen) but Dayna isn’t too bad. Dayna seems like a cool girl and a good addition to the group (and she’s already had her first love triangle) so I would say she’s a perfect fit for VPR!

Over at Kristen’s, the subject of Carter comes up and Jax is adamant that he isn’t coming to Miami but Kristen’s relationship with him doesn’t make it easy. I think it’s fair to say that Kristen and Carter are both a mess, so it’s no surprise that their relationship is as well. In the words of Jax Taylor: Kristen is a free cow so what motivation does Carter have to change?

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday’s at 9/8 CST. on Bravo. 

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on Kristen and Carter?

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