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RHONJ Recap: Abs & Jabs

Get ready for a throw-down in the Garden State as it’s going down tonight! Last week we saw Danielle go completely crazy (for a full recap of last week’s episode click here.) So what is going to come from it? Hint – it’s not going to be pretty!

We finally get to see the full scene of the hair pull and…Wow. It wasn’t a light tug, as it completely snaps Margaret’s neck back and that’s straight-up assault. I can’t believe Teresa would walk out and stand by Danielle, as Margaret may be crazy but Danielle is evil. In the words of Dolores Catania – that’s some old school stripper fighting right there! After FaceTiming with Marty, Tre walks back into the lion’s den to try and explain the crazy that is Danielle. Did one of Danielle’s fiance’s lend Teresa a huge amount of money at one time? I seriously have no clue why she is so loyal to Danielle and none of the other ladies do either. Marge ends up giving Tre an ultimatum: it’s either her or Marge and we all know it’s going to be Danielle.

After the epic disaster that was the shopping trip, Teresa has some family time which includes Dolores coming over. Tre admits that Joe is cracking under pressure, but Joe in ICE is still is still saner than Danielle at this point. Dolores and Tre discuss the hypothetical Giudice divorce and Dolores wisely advises Tre to take a close look at that prenup to ensure Joe can’t take money from Tre, as she is the breadwinner at this point. Despite Dolores being a ride or die friend, Dolores can’t stand with Tre’s alliance to Danielle; however, does admit anyone that poured a drink on her would be running for the hills as well.

Across town at Jackie’s, Jackie is trying to teach her children healthy eating habits as they witnessed her father’s comments regarding her eating disorder. I’m not a huge Jackie fan but I love this teachable moment as I do feel kids these days have more pressure to look great due to social media. Meanwhile, Tre is shopping for pool furniture (to go with the pool her hot ex-boyfriend put in for her) and Joey meets her to help out. Joey asks his sister why she is ride or die with Danielle and not even her own brother can talk sense into her. Despite everything she’s been through, Teresa would rather wait for Danielle to screw her over vs. using common sense.

We finally get a fun scene as the day of the envy fashion show is here (and we all need a light moment at this point.) As Melissa is debuting a men’s line at her store she has a group of hot models including the cutie Frankie Catania. The New Jersey children are all grown up including Antonia who has grown into a young woman overnight, making Melissa ache for a baby even more.

The ladies arrive for the fashion show and while everyone is looking lovely – WTF is up with Margaret’s outfit? It looks like a pimp from the ’70s and not exactly the chic look that the other ladies are sporting. Not that Marge cares at this point, as she has bigger fish to fry as she is now feuding with Tre due to the ‘incident.’ Jen pulls Teresa aside to (once again) try and talk some sense into her while Dolores wisely exits stage left to let Jennifer deal with that mess. Teresa can’t take any criticism and ends up going crazy on Jennifer by pouring water on her designer clothing to make a point to which Jennifer doesn’t take lightly.

Fortunately, Jennifer and Tre’s friendship is saved by the fashion show as they have to get to their seats before they can get in a full-on brawl. I have to say, Melissa has come a long way in her fashion show as her first season was a bit of a disaster but this one was on another level. The hit of the show was Frankie Catania who even caught Gia’s eye (as later this season the two will go to prom together.)

Stay tuned my Jersey fans as we have drama coming to the rest of the season and you won’t want to miss it!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 8/7 pm CST. 

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on Tre pouring water on Jennifer to prove a point?

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