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Vanderpump Rules Premiere Recap!

It’s finally here Vanderpump fans! Our favorite (and not so favorite) SUR-vers are back and we have some new blood this season. 

So what’s going on in WeHo? Well, TomTom is still killing it and officially had it’s first anniversary much to the delight of the Toms. We have some new SUR-vers (or whatever the TomTom equivalent would be) in Dayna and Max who are working at the bar. Naturally, the two are good looking, single and looking for love (all three are pretty much a requirement to be on the show.) The two have already hooked up; however, unfortunately, Max is the new Jax so that may have been a mistake on Dayna’s end – Oops!

Over at SUR, we have a hot new bartender Brett and cute little Raquel who is trying her darndest to be the best little server she can be. I’m sure her lifelong ambition was to be a waitress which is why she begged Lisa to work at SUR and it had nothing to do with wanting to be a reality star (no sarcasm there.) I suppose they had to fill the role with someone as half of SUR left, with Stassi, Lala, Ariana and Katie no longer employed at the restaurant. While Tom and Tom have their own bar, Jax probably has a nice 401K set up with SUR as you know he is going to retire there. Scheana gives an update on her love life (which is a bust) as she was ghosted by Max and was called a bad kisser by the new server Brett. Yikes. Also, a disaster is the relationship between Jax and Tom Sandoval as Sandoval has been demoted to groomsman from best man for not making the pre-bachelor party. I think we can all agree that Jax is the ultimate bridezilla not that anyone should be surprised.

Across town in Pleasantville (aka the Valley) we see the bliss of coupled life as Tom/Ariana, Jax/Brittany and Katie/Tom all purchased the same house and I’m definitely getting some Truman Show vibes. The men get to experience the joys of suburbia as they are both trying to keep up with the Jonses’ and one-up each other which is the demise of the relationship between Sandoval and Jax. While everyone is moving onwards and upwards, Kristen seems to be stuck in the same place which has caused a huge rift between her and the rest of the group.

In Beverly Hills, Lala goes to Villa Rosa to visit Queen Lisa who just opened Vanderpump Cocktail Gardens in Vegas (which I plan on visiting in March – yay!) Lala has proven that she is growing as a person as she is seven months sober and acknowledges the hot, angry mess that she used to be was fueled by alcohol. The two agree that sobriety has been a life-changer for Lala and both wish that James could experience the same. Lala is looking for her next role in life (other than being Mrs. Randall) so she decides to volunteer at Vanderpump Dogs. Maybe she can bond with John Blizzard?

The group heads over to the Schwartz resident for a housewarming party where we learn a little fun fact about Dayna: Dayna was the same girl that was partying with the boys last year that got Jax and Schwartz in trouble. How we are just learning this?!? Apparently one drunken night can turn into a job that can turn into a reality show. Right place/right time would be an understatement! The party vibes are off as there is a lot of awkward tension between Carter/Kristen, Dayna/Max, and Scheana/Brett and Max. Scheana ends up in tears trying to prove she isn’t crazy but unfortunately for her it just makes her look crazy as she always ends up looking a bit desperate. Also looking a bit desperate is Carter who is confronted by Lala for being a bum but quickly learns that Kristen maybe only telling half the truth. The altercation turns into a huge fight between Kristen and the rest of the ladies which sets up the scene for the remainder of the season.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday’s at 9/8 PM CST.

Thoughts on the premiere episode? Thoughts on the new cast?

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