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Danielle Staub Wants Jacqueline Laurita To “Sit Down and Shut Up” After Jacqueline Calls Danielle Out For Pulling Margaret Josephs’ Hair

When the trailer for season 10 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey dropped and showed Danielle Staub pulling Margaret Josephs by her hair and dragging her to the ground, former RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita took major issue with it.

If you recall, back during season 2 of RHONJ, Danielle accused, and later pressed charges against Jacqueline’s daughter Ashlee Holmes after she pulled Danielle’s hair at the Posche Fashion Show. Danielle insisted that Ashlee pulled her hair so hard that she ripped the hair out of her head. Years, later Kim G revealed that Danielle actually pulled her own hair out to make the attack seem much worse than it really was.

Jacqueline shared her opinion about Danielle’s season 10 hair-pulling drama on Twitter and also poked some fun at Danielle’s season 2 reunion antics. Remember when Danielle brought a mannequin head with a wig to prove how hard Ashlee pulled her hair?

“It’s interesting to me that Danielle Slob prosecuted my 18-year-old daughter for pulling her weave when she, as an ADULT, ripped out @MargaretJosephs hair in a tantrum. God, I hope Margaret brings a mannequin head to the reunion to demonstrate the attack and sues her ass #RHONJ,” Jacqueline tweeted back in October.

Well, Danielle didn’t like Jacqueline commenting on her latest hair-pulling drama and addressed it on the RHONJ After Show.

“Jacqueline can use any excuse she wants to talk about me but the fact still remains that I had my hair that’s connected to these beads and my extensions, at least five of those extensions, which is a handful of my hair, pulled completely from my scalp. [I] had four stitches in my scalp as a result. My head hit the pavement as a result of it. I have six herniated discs three of which happened that night as a result of it, “ Danielle insists.

Melissa Gorga then chimed in and called Danielle’s attack on Margaret “hypocrisy at it’s finest” considering how Danielle still complains about Ashlee’s hair pull to this day.

Margaret added that Danielle’s attack on her came “right from behind” and was a “very violent attack.”

However, Danielle doesn’t see it that way at all.

“If Margaret wants to go toe-to-toe with me about that being the same thing as a clip in ponytail and her running along holding on to my arm because I wouldn’t let go. I didn’t have that chance. So it’s a big difference,” Danielle claimed.

She then went into Jacqueline telling her former RHONJ co-star, “Jacqueline should really shut up and sit down. She should probably pay more attention to what’s going on in her life instead of me. So, if she doesn’t think Ashlee deserved to be punished – she did. She hurt me. I have medical bills to prove it.”

Danielle then said she has no regrets about pulling Margaret’s hair or pressing charges against Ashlee. She also accuses Margaret of bringing Jacqueline into this season 10 drama. Can you say delusional?

“I also do not have any regrets about either one of them. But Margaret is the one who brought Jacqueline into this let’s face it. Jacqueline wouldn’t have gotten involved if it weren’t for Margaret. The better thing for her to do is just stay away from my life. And I should have done something sooner but I didn’t. But I guarantee she comes for me again it’s not going to get any better,” Danielle concluded.

Well, not surprisingly Jacqueline responded to Danielle’s new tall tale about Ashlee’s season 2 hair pull.

In a post on Twitter, Jacqueline called Danielle out for her ever-changing story.

In the end, Jacqueline told Danielle to “shut up and kneel down and do what she does best.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on Danielle’s new version of events? Do you believe Margaret dragged Jacqueline into this drama? Is Danielle a hypocrite? Sound off below!

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