RHONJ Recap: Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

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Happy New Years housewives fans! I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year and is ready to rock 2020 – I know the Jersey ladies are!

This is going to be a crazy episode so let’s get started:

We kick things off with a Gorga family trip to the ice cream parlor for some family bonding. Antonia is growing up fast and Melissa is aching for another baby; however the children are voting a ‘no’ for the baby question. Antonia is traumatized as she now knows where babies come from and Joey Gorga is clearly having a hard time with his little princess growing up. My two cents: I don’t think Melissa and Joey are actually thinking about having a baby but knew they needed a story line so are going along with it.

Across town Danielle and Tre are meeting for drinks as Teresa has a lot of stress in her life an needs to blow off steam. Tre (very unwisely) invites Danielle to a shopping event which is going to go well for nobody. Marty and Danielle are still playing house together and either Danielle can hypnotize Marty or he’s thinking with something other than his head as he is clearly still into Danielle. The two blame Margaret for their divorce but the craziest thing of all is that Teresa thinks Danielle is the victim. Does Danielle know where Tre buried the bodies? No sane person would ever continue to defend Danielle and her behavior so I don’t understand their odd friendship.

After meeting with Danielle, Tre is in a better head space and takes her beautiful daughter Gia prom dress shopping. It’s an iconic moment for any mother/daughter and with all the stress their family has been through it’s a sweet and welcome moment. Gia looks stunning in all of the dresses and this milestone moment is making Joe’s absence even more apparent. While Gia is trying on dresses, Joe calls and to put it nicely – it’s not pretty. Poor Gia’s dress shopping is ruined as Joe is going crazy in ICE and he and Tre have a bitter fight in front of Gia. It ends with Joe saying he never wanted to marry Tre and Tre twisting the knife by saying she married someone with nothing and he left her with nothing. It is clearly taking a toll on Gia and I feel bad someone so young has this much stress in what should have been a fun and memorable moment.

Across town the Aydin’s are celebrating Easter as the Syrian Orthodox Church follows a different calendar. It’s a beautiful family dinner (lamb head and all) despite some family drama. Jennifer’s one brother is awaiting his bride who is having visa issues and her other brother’s sexuality is still a hot topic in the close-knit, traditional family. Jennifer’s mother is still in denial about her son being gay but luckily her granddaughter Gabby is an old soul and is one of the wisest people in this entire franchise. First Gabby taught her mother about apologizing and now she is educating her grandmother on acceptance. Preach on Gabby!

Meanwhile, Melissa, Jackie and Margaret are meeting for dinner to catch up and of course Danielle comes up. The ladies (along with me) are wondering why Teresa is so obsessed with Danielle and Marge even wonders f the two are romantically involved. I think Margaret is kidding but Melissa ends up revealing her own lady-pond encounter which shocks me as the rumors have always been there but she has always denied, denied, denied. I’m liking this open and honest Melissa Gorga in 2020!

The day of Teresa’s shopping event is here and it’s a beautiful store so I almost feel bad knowing what is about to come. The ladies start drinking right away (which is never a good sign) as Danielle loosens up and calls Marge trout mouth and claims Margaret has cankles (something no girl wants to hear.) Marge finally arrives and comes in hot as she trashes Danielle and the rest of the ladies quickly end up discussing their husbands watching Danielle’s porn. I’m no Danielle fan (at all) but this little gossipy circle right in front of the person they are talking about is not cool. At all. Trouble is clearly brewing and if you saw the previews you know what comes next as Marge gets called ‘trout mouth’ and she ends up pouring her drink on Danielle. Housewives 101 – a drink in the face is the start of something very ugly to come and that comes in the form of Danielle pulling Margaret’s hair which is assault. Wow. I don’t have words so let’s hear from you:

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on Teresa and Danielle’s relationship?

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