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Stephanie Hollman Reveals The RHOD Season Four Reunion Is “Dark, Crazy, & Unexpected!”

Stephanie Hollman is opening up about the upcoming season four reunion of The Real Housewives of Dallas!

Stephanie revealed that the season four RHOD reunion is going to be dark, crazy and unexpected! She shared to Hollywood Life, “It’s the craziest reunion I think I’ve ever been a part of. It was very dark — dark and crazy and a little unexpected at times. I think a few people walked away who were fine before and maybe not after. It’s a really good reunion.” 

Stephanie is the best of friends with Brandi Redmond, and she had an argument with her co-star that really weighed on her. She explained, “It was really difficult to live. Season two is really, really hard because it was an organic friendship, my best friend that I’ve had for over a decade. As long as she and I are good, I feel like everything else is so much easier because a lot of the other relationships are new and you don’t have that history. As difficult as it is, I know it’s never going to be as hard as it was season two, unless we fight again, which I’m hoping does not happen.”

As far as LeeAnne Locken’s wedding and the conversation this season about how there was hardly any food at the wedding, Stephanie said, “My opinion still is, I think if she would have said, ‘There’s no food. Please eat beforehand,’ it would have been different, but I had food before, but other people didn’t and if you’re drinking a ton and you’re starving, it’s just not a good combination. It didn’t have to be sit down, but a buffet or passed hors d’oeuvres or something.” Stephanie said it all comes up at the reunion.

Stephanie also said that she’s navigated when to get involved in drama and when to stay out of it. She explained, “If it’s something that I really believe in, I’ll say something, but if it’s a real petty fight, I usually don’t get into it because then it’s just not worth it. I kind of pick and choose where to have a voice and an opinion, but I stay out of really silly drama. I think the thing with LeeAnne, her dress [for example] mean and that I feel like that’s when you should come in and say stuff, but other times I just feel like if somebody is having a really simple quarrel, why get in the middle of it?”

Stephanie said that co-star Kary Brittingham “has no problem with drama either so Brandi has no problem speaking her mind.” She added, “I think there are other women, I think they’re just a different kind of drama than what LeeAnne brings, so I think we have a really good cast. I really do.”

What is Stephanie’s future on the show? She is planning on staying!

She shared, “I don’t want to be that person that kind of overstays her welcome and I think sometimes that happens too, but I think whenever I have nothing to give and I feel like I’m depleted and I can do a good job or be a good cast member, I think then I would bow out as well because I don’t want to go out whenever people are so over you, they’re like, ‘Thank God, she’s gone.’ I kind of want to just stay until it feels like it’s time and I think you’ll know when it’s time.”

I love Stephanie! She’s such a sweetheart and she deserves all of the happiness in the world. She’s hands down one of the most genuine Real Housewives of all. I’m so looking forward to watching the upcoming RHOD reunion!

Thoughts on what Stephanie said? Thoughts on season four of the RHOD? What do you want to see during the reunion? Who should return next season? Share below!

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Source: Hollywood Life

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