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RHONJ Recap: The Last Supper

Here in Jeresey it’s all about family, and boy do we get a lot of it this episode.

With Joe and Teresa Giudice announcing their split this week, this episode is bittersweet as we see the beginning of the end of their 20+ year marriage. The two are debating on whether they should keep fighting for Joe or whether he would be better off in Italy and to save some time – we all know how it ends. While Tre is fighting the good fight for the sake of her daughters, her brother Joey vows to be there for her as she’s pretty much shouldering all of this on her own.

Over at Jennifer’s we are still on the family theme as Jennifer is having her brother come over while trying to help her daughter who is being bullied at school. Jennifer’s brother is gay; yet for cultural reasons his sexuality has remained a secret for the most part in their family. The two share a sweet moment about their bond and his opening up about his sexuality; however all of this is a surprise to Jennifer’s daughter who had no idea that her uncle was gay. Jennifer and her daughter have a sweet conversation about being true to yourself, and loving people for who they are and overall it was a very sweet scene.

Across town, Teresa and Danielle are meeting for happy hour and a very sane Danielle forgives Tre for spilling the beans on her sex life. Danielle seems to confirm there are still some sparks between herself and Marty as the two are still living together and their breakup has seemed to have led to a makeup. The conversation turns to Tre and her daughters as Danielle is showing her not so crazy side and shows compassion for Tre and the girls.

Coincidentally Marty is having drinks with Marge and her Joe who are trying to convince him that Danielle is trying to lure him back into her evil web. Marty seems to be looking at Danielle with rose colored glasses as he is giving her wayyy too much credit as it’s obvious that Danielle is trying to lure Marty in so she’s not evicted.

Staying on the family theme we see Jackie’s quirky family as she is taking the kids over to visit her father. This family needs a reality show all of their own as their dynamic is definitely unique. Jackie’s parents are still married yet haven’t lived together for nearly 20 years….to each their own I guess? Jackie’s dad seems to have a bit of a gambling and cleanliness problem which worries Jackie as he lives on his own. Jackie’s father takes the time to pull an old family video out of nowhere to show Jackie and the kids how much weight she lost. While Jackie’s father seems proud of how much weight she lost it’s clear that watching these videos is a bit torturous for Jackie. Her father very insensitively says that her eating disorder was almost worth it which left everyone (including myself) speechless.

It’s Easter Sunday in Jersey and everyone is wearing their Sunday best. While Tre is hosting for her family Dolores is more my speed as she ordered a beautifully catered dinner. As she said – who does she need to impress at this point? She has her ex-husband as her best friend and a boyfriend that may not even show up, so what does she have to lose? David ends up arriving late but everyone is just happy he showed up at all (you never know with him.) Despite his presence Frank and Dolores’ father grill him about some sort of commitment as who wants to live with their ex husband forever?

Things are a bit sadder at Tre’s as they are trying to create happy memories for Audriana, yet everyone is sad as they all know that Joe is breaking in ICE custody. Gia admits that she is not ready to let her father go despite him being miserable where he’s at and the whole situation is beyond heartbreaking. The Gorga’s come over for Easter dinner and appropriately contribute to the spread by bringing sprinkle cookies. The rest of the dinner looks beautiful and, even better, the family gets a call from Joe Giudice to wish his family a Happy Easter. The call  is emotional for everyone as even Joey Gorga breaks down which in turn makes everyone else cry (including myself.) Audriana gets emotional thinking about her dad and has to leave the table and I don’t think anyone can not be sad seeing this scene. The only silver lining in all of this is that Joe Gorga uses the sprinkle cookies to remind the family that little BS drama will never come between this family again.

Ugh. Heartbreaking episodes – I don’t even have words.

What were your thoughts on this episode?

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