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RHOC Reunion Recap – Part 1

Are you ready for Part 1 of the OC Reunion? It’s been quite the season and we’re making RHOC history as it’s our first reunion without the OG of the OC on the couch. I know I’m excited for this so let’s just jump in!

Let me just start by saying the ladies are looking lovely but my best dressed goes to Kelly (leopard suites her) with best hair/makeup going to Braunwyn. I’ll refrain from giving my worst dressed vote but you can take your guess.

Shannon is first up in the hot seat as we look at her step into the single life, her messy divorce and her weight loss journey. The ladies agree that we’ve seen ‘Fun Shannon’ this season and I think it’s due to losing David and getting $10K a month (despite her expecting more.) Shannon spills the beans on her new boyfriend and from what we know it’s looking a lot like love. The couple and their children hang out together frequently and he seems a hell of a lot better than David so I’m rooting for them!

Before we get to our next ‘housewife’ we get a bonus clip of Vicki flipping the eff out about being demoted to a ‘friend’ and making a comment about producers letting her exit gracefully. Um…Vicki that window has closed and at this point you just look like a desperate reality star who is clinging to the show. You’ve missed the bus on exiting gracefully girl.

We move on to Emily and Gina’s roller coaster friendship and to sum it up both of them have been less than stellar friends to each other this year. Gina had a rough year and needed Emily to be there for her and Emily felt that Gina made some snide comments behind her back. Emily felt that Gina turned away when she became adopted by the tres amigas and Gina felt the turning point was the disastrous double date. Despite their issues the two hug it out and vow to move on from their issues.

Next up is Vicki who comes in hot as she feels like a “has been” (um..feels like?) I know I’m going hard on Vicki but she brings it on herself as the first thing that comes up is her trying to sue Bravo under the name of Jane Roe. Oh boy. I’m surprised that Andy can sit by her with a smile on his face despite the lawsuit and her threatening him right before they went on air. Once again – what happened to exiting gracefully?! We then get a look at Vicki’s disastrous past relationships with her taking the time to yell at Andy for including Brooks in the montage. The ladies express some concern over her relationship with Steve but Vicki insists that Steve fills her love tank ‘in his own way.’ 

The miracle at miraval trip comes up and of course the gong heard round the world. Kelly insists it was a joke but Shannon insists there was a minor medical issue (one which she could drink alcohol immediately after.) The rest of the ladies issues come out and there are so many I don’t know where to begin. Let’s see…We discuss Gina hating to be called a little sister by Braunwyn but okay with it when it comes to the tres amigas, Kelly insisting she is a serious business woman and calling Gina ‘unaccomplished’ and debating Kelly’s net worth. I apologize for the condensed summary but it’s hard to follow when everyone is screaming over each other.

We end the first part of the reunion with Vicki having an epic meltdown and screaming about it being her show before addressing the ladies one by one to make sure they knew that. Wow. Yikes.

Thoughts on Part 1? What do you think of the ‘behind the scenes’ clips of Vicki?

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