RHOC Recap: Whooping it Up for Wedding Bells

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We’ve almost made it to the end of the season OC fans and my how things have changed! Shannon is dating (one of Vicki’s old colleagues at that) Vicki is getting married (and celebrating with a cowboy/western theme party) and Gina and Emily’s friendship is on the mend. My how things have changed!

Gina is still trying to make her marriage with Matt work (despite the hundreds of red flags) and as we know the outcome it’s pretty cringe-worthy to watch. Also cringe-worthy? Braunwyn and her mother’s interpretive yoga – is this an OC thing or am I missing something here? No matter how much yoga these two women do together the two have a lot of mother/daughter issues that they need to work out in therapy. Where’s Dr. V when you need her? Despite the two spending a lot of time together they never vocalize or work through their issues in person (only through their confessionals) and it’s pretty sad to watch as a viewer.

Also painful? Emily Simpson who is suffering from arthritis despite her young age. In an eye-opening scene Emily discovers that she will need a hip replacement after getting x-ray’s at her doctor’s. Considering she’s relatively young it comes as quite the shocker as when I think hip replacement I think more of a grandma. Emily calls Shane to let him know the bad news and Shane being Shane is an empathetic, understanding and comforting husband (just kidding.) He’s just about what you would expect from him and Emily is left with her poor daughter Annabelle in tears to comfort her.

The day of Vicki’s engagement party is here and I’m a bit confused on the western theme. Vicki is the furthest thing from western or outdoorsy and the two live in one of the most bougie areas of California. I mean we have line dancing and Vicki is one of the least coordinated people of all time – none of this screams Vicki to me. Despite the party being a hit (Vicki loves it) Billy is concerned that his sister is making (yet another) marriage mistake. I do feel that Steve and Vicki are an odd couple but Billy is familiar with reality TV – surely this was not a hot mic moment a la Barbara K.

Despite the ladies having a good time – Emily and Shane break party etiquette as the two bicker and talk business (ie the bar exam) in front of their entire table. The awkward moments keep on coming as the groom misses his introduction and Vicki announces she is horny to the entire party. Ugh. To make things even worse the ladies start picking a fight with Kelly after a few shots of tequila so all in all it’s a pretty standard housewives engagement party. Apparently it’s not bad enough that they can’t get along with Kelly they see red when anyone at the party is getting along with her and run over to cause drama out of nowhere. Tamra runs over to say fu*k you to Gina for laughing with Kelly then runs away to hide in the bushes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is a grown woman and grandmother who is drunk and yelling from a bush. Nice Tamra.

We conclude this season with Kelly ending things with Brian and getting engaged shortly after, Emily dealing with her husband once again failing the bar exam, Tamra still in a hot legal mess, Braunwyn working out issues with her mother, Gina working out legal issues with her ex, Shannon testing out the dating scene and Vicki’s ongoing engagement.

All in all not my favorite season but also the worst in my opinion.

What were your thoughts on this season? Thoughts on the cast – do they need a shake-up?

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