RHONJ Recap: Bay Breezes and Bad News

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Welcome back Jersey fans! We’re still in Jamaica and in case you were wondering – things are still crazy.

We start out with the most tourist-y thing these world traveling and sophisticated women could be doing: swimming with the dolphins. Dolores is the biggest animal lover and seems to be the most excited with Tre (being afraid of animals and water) sitting this one out for the most part. Naturally Jen is the Lucille Ball of the group and provides the comic relief as her lack of any sort of athleticism is pretty humorous.

The ladies split up (which seemed to be very producer driven) between the spa, market and lunch. Melissa and Jackie have lunch and cocktails by the beach with Melissa being my girl getting a pizza and Jackie getting a bland salad. Jackie’s rigid diet mixed with her background are cause for concern which Jen calls out while she is shopping with Marge. Margaret feels that Dolores is causing Jen anxiety which is in turn bringing up her eating issues. I don’t know what the reason is but I do find her eating habits concerning.

Back in Jersey the love triangle of Dolores, David and Frank continues to thrive as the two men meet for dinner to discuss David’s future with Dolores. Why do I feel that Frank is the dad asking David when he is going to make an honest woman out of his daughter ex-wife? The two are supposed to talk about the house but end up talking about Dolores and their future. David states his job is his first love and I think that says everything about their relationship. Can Frank and Dolores just get re-married at this point? They make gorgeous children and have more chemistry than David and Dolores as David even hung up on Dolores in an earlier scene.

The night of the big roast is here accompanied by a beautiful dinner for their last night in Jamaica. In a gorgeous setting such as this what else would come up but the scumbag herself: Danielle Staube. Teresa brings up that Danielle and Marty hooked up which Margaret denies and tries to call Marty to clear the air. Marty doesn’t strongly deny it which makes me believe that he did but was too embarrassed to confess to Marge. Apparently someone’s ears were burning as Danielle ends up calling Tre just long enough to tell Tre she was pissed then hung up. I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end of their friendship (thank goodness.)

We need comic relief so thankfully Jennifer has prepared a roast which for the most part is spot on. I give her a solid 7.5 out of 10 with her best impersonation being Tre and her worst being Jackie. The laughs loosen the group up enough that Dolores ends up apologizing to Jackie which she begrudgingly accepts yet the two are far from being friends. At least we are ending on a positive note before heading back to the drama in Jersey.

Over at casa Giudice the stress of Joe being deported looms in the air which Tre tries to lighten up by looking at cute family photos. The scene is super sweet and made me emotional as her beautiful girls don’t deserve this. Jim ends up coming over to help explain the legal situation with Joey Gorga coming over to comfort his sister. Jim explains that Joe Giudice’s situation is not good while Joey Gorga is concerned that continuing to fight will just drain her family’s finances. At the end of the day it’s a very sad situation with the girls being punished most of all.

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