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RHOC Recap: Some Fences are Made to be Broken

Bienvenido OC fans! We’re still in Miami, and while things are serious, I can’t stop laughing. Vicki hurt her ankle drunk running from security and was carried off in an ambulance (sirens on and all), and Kelly is the only one who knows who Ernest Hemingway is. Like I said – the laughs are coming this episode.

The ladies are venturing out this episode to do some water sports, and Gina is the only one with a fear of the ocean (I’m with you on this one girl!) Apparently she has good reason as there are sharks lurking around and to this I say – I”m out. Shannon proves she is a constant ball of anxiety as she freaks out about parasailing, and once again, the scene is hilarious. Anytime Shannon is out of her comfort zone, I laugh. The humor stops abruptly as sharks are spotted, and like Gina, if I saw this, I would freak the eff out. Hammerhead or not – get me out of the water (although I have to admit Kelly’s impression of Gina was hilarious.)

After a day of adventure, the ladies set sail for a sunset cruise with hats that are tacky AF. Before Kelly can throw the hat off the boat, Emily pulled her aside to let her know how her anger is affecting her daughter and hopes Kelly gets the hint. The ladies agree they both need anger management, and for the first time, I think they both have a great idea. Our time in FL has come to an end, and Braunwyn is the only one that is shocked that they didn’t have a nice peaceful trip. Clearly, Braunwyn is new in this group…

Back in the OC Braunwyn, Tamra and Shannon are doing a date night (along with Sean and Eddie), and it’s clear that the Judge’s and Windham-Burke’s are the same couple. Braunwyn and Tamra are basically twins, and Sean and Eddie are the long-suffering husbands that stand by them (kidding.) Shannon joins the double mint twins with her new date called babe *insert cringe.* The ladies gossip about Emily and Kelly going to anger management yet fail to see the three of them also need to join in. I’m not a massive fan of Kelly, but I do see her point about them poking the bear yet ignoring their own faults.

Across town, Kelly is playing hardball (literally) with her boyfriend. Kelly is still seeing red regarding Vicki and therefore decides to skip Vicki’s engagement party. Kelly uses the engagement party as a way to segue way into an engagement of her own, and since we know how this love story ends – the scene should have just been cut, in my opinion. Meanwhile, Gina is telling her mom that she and Matt have decided not to divorce, and once again, since we know how this ends, this also should have made the cutting room floor.

Over at Tamra’s, her son Spencer is debuting a new…um….interesting look. It’s a bit Oscar the Grouch meets grunge, but he seems like a nice kid so to each their own. Ryan comes over for camera time to work things out with his brother, and the two have a respectful conversation; however, the conversation then turns to their mother (Tamra.) If Ryan isn’t blaming his mom for his upbringing, Spencer has issues with how his mom handled his breakup with his girlfriend. I think some family therapy would go a long way for this group – just my two cents.

At least Emily and Kelly are getting into therapy as the two meet a counselor on the beach to work through their anger issues. I applaud the two for being honest with themselves and opening up to new ways of dealing with their problems; however, I have doubts as to how they will be able to utilize these new tools after a glass or two of wine. I guess we’ll find out at the engagement party, won’t we?

The ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ airs Tuesdays at 9 PM EST. 

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