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RHOC Recap: Wild, Wild Key West

This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County picked up right where it left off last week with the ladies FIGHTING.

Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge continued their poolside spat in Miami.

During the fight, Kelly called Tamra, a liar who gets sued while Tamra said: “Kelly sucks dick for money.”

Immediately after Tamra walked away from the fight, mid-argument, Kelly shockingly apologized. Kelly then admitted that

The ladies then back their bags and head to Key West in convertibles – Thelma and Louis style.  While in the car, Vicki Gunvalson‘s phone goes off, and a message from the lady Kelly got into a bar fight just so happens to appear. Vicki insists the lady reached out to her while Tamra says Vicki needs to stop digging for dirt.

Once they arrive in Key West, the ladies head to their villas and get ready to attend a drag show. While getting ready, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson talk about the bomb Tamra dropped on them back in Miami.

What we didn’t see last week was Tamra telling Emily and Gina that “Vicki’s talking to that girl that [Kelly] got into a bar fight with.”

Emily doesn’t like that Vicki’s getting involved telling the ladies, “That’s ugly! Vicki doesn’t need to be involved in that.”

Gina admits she’s still “disturbed” by it all.

“That’s none of Vicki’s business,” Gina whispered to Emily so that Kelly, who happens to be their other roommate, wouldn’t overhear. “Why is she mixing into it? Why is she doing that? I thought they were cool. I think we gotta go talk to f–king Vicki and tell her that ‘This is f–ked up and you gotta stop and you gotta tell Kelly,’ or we gotta tell Kelly. Someone’s gotta tell her.”

“And then she’ll tell us to go f–k ourselves,” Emily tells Gina, who replies, “If she tells us to go f–k ourselves then f–k her! And then f–king Kelly’s gonna murder her.”

The ladies then meet up at the drag show, and everyone is having a wonderful time except for Vicki. “I don’t understand it. Boys dress like girls, and girls dress like boys. I don’t get it. Sorry, drags,” she later said in her confessional. Perhaps Vicki needs to take the stick out of her butt and whoop it up!

Later in the night, at another bar, Gina tells Tamra and Shannon that she can’t keep this secret from Kelly any longer. She adds that she thinks Vicki is crossing the line.

Gina calls Vicki over to join her Tamra, Shannon, and Emily. She lets Vicki know she knows about the messages that Vicki has been exchanging with the woman, who claims Kelly broke her hand. Not surprisingly, Vicki immediately gets defensive and points out that Kelly has done and said some “shitty” things to her. Vicki is also pissed at Tamra for telling Gina and Emily. Gina then begs Vicki to tell Kelly, but when she refuses, Emily and Gina decided to take matters into their own hands. However, Shannon beats them to the punch and tells Kelly everything that’s been going down.

Shannon decides to take one for the team “so that the bomb doesn’t turn into the nuke.”

The group then realized that Shannon dropped the truth bomb, and Vicki tries to explain herself. In her confessional, Vicki tells the camera, “I’m actually scared of Kelly — physically scared of her. She’s got a track history of hurting people. Not just here, I’ve heard…I don’t want to repeat rumors, but I’ve heard she’s had a lot of altercations with a lot of people.”

Kelly, who seemed shocked by Shannon’s confession, attempts to remain calm as she asks Vicki why this lady reached out to her. In her confessional, Kelly calls Vicki “disgusting” and tells her to “get a life.”

“This girl and I have been communicating,” Vicki explains before shouting at Kelly, “You hurt her! That’s what she said!”

“You hurt people!” Kelly fired back. “You hurt people with cancer for your own….”

Vicki yelled back, “What did I benefit?!”

“You’re a f–king conwoman,” Kelly tells Vicki as she brings up the fact that Vicki is “getting sued” for scamming an 84-year-old woman. Vicki denies the claim in her confessional. Vicki explains that she’s being sued by the daughter of an 84-year-old woman who was claiming fraud because the insurance company went out of business, and they aren’t paying her insurance claim.

Vicki then told Kelly to “go hit somebody else,” before offering up herself but Kelly didn’t take the bait, saying hitting Vicki wouldn’t be worth it.

“Why would I try to hit you, Vicki?” Kelly asked as Vicki said, “Why do you want to hurt me at all?!”

“I don’t! Stop conning people!” Kelly screamed while Vicki yelled, “You are a bully! I don’t con anybody, you bitch!”

“You’re a conwoman, conlady. You’re a liar,” Kelly insisted.

“F–king slut! SLUT!” Vicki screeched. “You called me a f–king conwoman! I’ve never conned anybody in my life! I was conned!”

“Liar,” Kelly maintained calmly. Vicki then tells Tamra and Shannon to get her out of here before she “hit” Kelly.

Outside Vicki had a total meltdown, screaming that she’s was “conned” and denying the fact that she is a conwoman.

Meanwhile, Kelly cried to the other ladies about being attacked, “Why am I being attacked so much? I mean, why are they making matters worse? It’s already bad for me.”

The next day, the ladies went out on a little boat with a bar attached. Drinking in confined spaces is always a good idea.

Tamra attempted to smooth things over between Kelly and Vicki by telling Kelly that Vicki would be apologizing to her very soon. However, before Vicki could muster out an “I’m sorry,” Kelly got a text from her ex-husband Michael Dodd, which she announced to the group.

“Michael just wrote me this!” Kelly loudly announced. “Michael says he’s got a lot of dirt on you and that your engagement will implode in two seconds!”

“You are a terrible person, Kelly!” Vicki screamed back. “Can’t you be happy for me?! Can’t you be happy?”

“I’m talking to Michael, you f–king pig!” Kelly yelled back. Vicki replied, “Of course you are!” while making a hand and mouth gesture that insinuates oral sex.

“Look at the color that you are!” Kelly went on. “You f–king fit right in with that pink blush!”

The ladies immediately jumped in and criticized Kelly for attacking Vicki’s looks. Emily said instead of Kelly going after Vicki’s looks, she should go after Vicki’s “character – ’cause that sucks.”

Vicki then threw her middle fingers in the air and yelled, “F–k you, Kelly Dodd! F–k you!”

Later that night, back at the hotel, the Tres Amigas and Gina decided to go for a little midnight swim. While in the pool, security comes, and the ladies get scared a run back to their rooms. While running, Vicki slips and hurts her foot while leads to her having to visit the hospital via ambulance.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Tuesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

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