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Kim Granatell Says Danielle Staub Pulled Out Her Own Hair At the Posche Fashion Show During Season 2 of RHONJ

Kim Granatell is spilling the tea on some past drama from the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

No RHONJ fan can forget when Danielle Staub ran or was chased; however, you look at it, through the country club at the Posche Fashion Show during season 2. When Danielle finally made it outside, Ashlee Holmes came up and pulled her hair, after beliving Danielle had hit her mom, Jacqueline Laurita.

Danielle quickly claimed that Ashlee ripped her hair out. Remember, she even bought part of her hair/weave to the season 2 reunion to prove it the claim. Danielle later took Ashlee to court over the hair pull.

However, now Kim G is telling a different version of events and claims that Danielle pulled out her own hair!

@Kimgranatell someday please share your views on what happened at the posche fashion show season 2,” one fan tweeted. 

“She ripped her own hair out,” Kim confessed.

Kim then addressed Danielle’s issue with being called by her birth name, tweeting, Oh, everyone I know calls her Beverley! #rhonj.”

Meanwhile, Kim also claimed that years ago, Danielle refused to record another “gay song.”

Apparently, years ago, Danielle worked on a song with Adam Barta. Then after weeks of collaborating, she pulled the plug because she didn’t want to record another “gay song” after her duet with Lori Michaels, who was her rumored lover.

“Okay, here we go. I know for a fact this is true! Adam used to come over my house after meeting with her. He was a double agent! She also practically lived on top of me,” Kim tweeted while sharing a link to the podcast that explains it all.

Later adding,And the lies currently continue.She claims it’s not true what @Adam_Barta said about their song, but I know it is 100% factual! She forgets who she moved right next to #RHONJ.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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