RHOC Recap: Florida, Fun and Fury

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Happy (almost) Turkey day OC fans! While we all get ready for our own personal family drama the ladies of Orange County are still sorting out their personal drama.

We start off with Braunwyn trying to place peacemaker with Kelly; however Kelly’s mind is made up and she isn’t going to change it. Tamra and Gina are shopping and Tamra is shocked that Kelly is still upset with her (despite the fact that she said the word train and talked about Kelly pushing her mom down the stairs.) Other than that – why would Kelly be mad? Despite their odds, Kelly agrees to go to Miami and will try to control her temper being around the tres amoebas amigas.

Across town, Shannon is dealing with legal drama between herself and David, still terrified that she may walk away with nothing after seventeen years of marriage. While one marriage ends another begins as Vicki invites the ladies over for a surprise which is….drum-roll…..an engagement. All of us knew this was coming but it’s still a nice surprise – just bad timing as Shannon stops by after her divorce drama. Shannon being Shannon has to make Vicki’s engagement party about her sad divorce which is a downer – can’t we be happy for a few minutes here Shannon Beador? We really have all stages of marriages in this group as Gina and her estranged husband are still trying to keep the romance alive by hooking up. Gina naively says with confidence that Matt would have never cheat on her again and as we know a lot more now the scene is cringe worthy.

A few days later the celebration continues as a healthy Briana visits her mom to congratulate the happy couple on the engagement. A also very healthy Tamra bikes over to celebrate Vicki marrying a normal guy (aka anyone on this earth other than Brooks Ayers) and she and Briana always had that desire in common.

The Miami trip is upon us and no one is most excited than Braunwyn who has unofficially named Miami the happiest place on Earth (Disney apparently has nothing on it.) A very cheerful and colorful Braunwyn greets the ladies at the airport and treats them to a ride in a convertible; however bad extensions and wind do not mix. I will say that these ladies may have some of the worst extensions out of any real housewives franchise and I say that with love as their hair needs some much needed TLC.

The ladies get checked in with an olive branch from Braunwyn to Vicki as she is hoping for a Miami miracle in forming a friendship. The key to Vicki’s heart is flowers and champagne as this is all it took to solidify a bond between the two. Now that that drama is out of the way, the ladies get dolled up and head out on the town. The ladies look lovely but Kelly agrees with my previous statement that the extensions need to go and aren’t flattering. Luckily they are going to a place with dim lighting and go to Braunwyn’s favorite strip club. After a night of drinking, Kelly gets loose and lets the ladies know what she thinks about Gina and Shannon’s long locks and not surprising, Kelly is rude and Shannon doesn’t take criticism well. Shocking on both accounts – I know.

The next day the ladies hang by the cabana to gossip about Kelly’s rudeness from the night before. Not surprisingly the ladies day drinking isn’t the best for peacemaking as things escalate quickly between Kelly and Shannon and Tamra. Unfortunately for all of us there are no Miami miracles yet and things are getting worse next week as we have more fighting and some medical emergencies. Stay tuned!

Thoughts on this episode? Who is in the wrong – Kelly or the tres amigas?

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