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RHONJ Recap: 40 and Fancy Free

Mirror Mirror on the wall – Melissa Gorga doesn’t look 40 at all! Say what you want about Ms. Gorga – girl looks damn good for the big 4-0! This episode we are celebrating reality TV’s most infamous sister in law and continuing with the Jersey drama.

In addition to birthdays, we start out with drama between Tre and Jackie and also Marge and Danielle. Can’t we all just get along here? Things aren’t better for Teresa back at Casa Giudice as Joe calls Teresa in a frantic state ready to get out of the ICE detention center as soon as possible. Nonno, seeing his daughter upset, naturally wants to slap his son in law and states he even instructed Joe to become a U.S. Citizen six times. Can I just say here that I love Nonno? We need more of him and less of some of the others.

Across town, Marge is helping her mother apartment hunt while Dolores is dining with her dad. It’s all about family in the Garden state! Dolores is concerned with her father’s health while Marge is concerned about her mom’s new independence. At some point, the children become the parents and it’s clear that both have a very close relationship with their mom and dad. Perhaps we should have a special just following the Jersey parents? I think Nonno, Marge Sr. and Dolores’s parents would be entertaining and would most likely have better storylines than some of these ‘wives.

At Jennifer’s house, she is dishing to her husband about the bullying drama and asks for her family’s opinion on if she bullied Jackie. My two cents: Jackie is an adult and Gabby is a child. I don’t like how Margaret and Jackie compared the Jackie impression to what Gabby is going through at school. Personally I think Jackie is making a big deal out of nothing and seems to forget that she wrote a public article at Jennifer’s expense last year. With that being said, Jen softens after Gabby feels she should apologize and once again the children are wiser than all of us.

Back at Tre’s, if she’s not spending money on pools, she is flirting with her former flame. Joey Gorga comes over to make sure his sister and the pool boy don’t get too close (jk) and worries about her spending habits. I agree with Joe there but rumors about the Gorga’s spending habits have been floating around for years so let’s not throw stones in glass houses. Joey worries about Teresa’s judgment in finances and friends and claims she generally gets it wrong. I agree that her bond with Danielle is bizarre but with how Jackie has been running her mouth I don’t blame Tre for keeping her distance with her.

The day of Melissa’s party is here and I have to admit that her party planner killed it and it’s just what Melissa wanted (a shrine to herself.) Random bonus: We get a Ramona Singer and Buddy Valastro cameo at the party which makes up for all of the petty feuds going on. Jennifer arrives and after a few shots of tequila decides it’s time to apologize to Jackie despite Teresa thinking it’s unnecessary.

Jennifer + Tequila = disaster so everyone is skeptical as to how this apology will go. Despite her apology being proceeded by a string of excuses the two makeup (for now) and move on to the party. Next up is Teresa and Margaret who are arguing over Danielle and while I’m not Margaret’s biggest fan I would pick her over Danielle any day of the week.

The party is drama free and seems to have brought many of the ladies together so all in all Melissa’s birthday was a success. I say that with the exception of ‘On Display’ being the song that closes the party down – other than that it looked great.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on this week’s episode?

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