LeeAnne Locken Gives Update on Relationship with her Mom After Being Criticized for her Treatment during her Wedding!

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Food wasn’t the only thing people were complaining about at LeeAnne’s wedding. Fans were appalled at seeing the treatment of her mother which included a dig at her during the vows and ignoring her at the reception. I think the most heartbreaking moment was when LeeAnne’s mother shuffled over to ask for a photo with her daughter then left without a goodbye. So how is their relationship now?

According to Bravo LeeAnne had mixed emotions about her mother being there in the first place, stating:

“It’s important to have my mom there. It’s also a struggle to have my mom there.”

“From what I found out months after the wedding, she was late, almost so late they almost started the wedding without her. But none of that was brought to me. I will tell you that Steve Kimble is the best wedding planner, and my friends are the best friends because the truth is there was this wall of information that it may have gone three or four people deep, but it never came close to me.”

“That’s why the day was so perfect for me because I just said I don’t want any drama. I don’t want any drama on my wedding day. I don’t. I just want it to be love. I wanted it to be like WorldPride, you know, where everybody was just so filled with love and joy that that was all that you could experience. You could literally feel love in the air. That’s what I wanted it to be like.”

So did her mother’s effort make a difference in their very strained relationship? Apparently not as Lee added “No. I mean, we’re two different people.”

Yikes – that’s pretty cold. I know LeeAnne had a very rough childhood; however you would think LeeAnne’s newfound happiness would bring the two together. I found LeeAnne’s mother being ignored very painful to watch and wish she would have been more included during the celebrations.

What were your thoughts on LeeAnne’s treatment of her mother during the wedding? Do you think it was cold?

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