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Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Teresa Giudice Almost Quit RHONJ Over Melissa and Joe Joining the Show; Says They Still Hate Each Other Plus, Claims Bravo Almost Ended RHONJ After Season 6 and That Teresa’s Post-Prison Persona Was Totally Fake!

Love her or hate her; the tea Jacqueline Laurita is spilling is piping hot!

Jacqueline recently spent an entire episode of her podcast, The Lookover Ladies, trash-talking her former BFF Teresa Giudice.

In the episode, Jacqueline sounded off on a bevy of topics including the RHONJ Special: Joe and Teresa Unlocked as well as Teresa’s recent claims that Caroline Manzo lives a “crooked life” and may have turned her and Joe into the feds.

The former RHONJ star also talked about the state of Joe and Teresa’s marriage and so much more!

While we broke down most of Jacqueline’s podcast in a post yesterday, there’s so much more to report on! If you haven’t read part one, check that out HERE.

So, what else did Jacqueline say on her podcast? Well, she spilled a whole lot of tea on Teresa, their friendship, and how Teresa landed herself in prison!

Jacqueline also reveals some major scoop about how Melissa Gorga and Kathy Waklie first joined RHONJ. Plus, Jacqueline opens up about Teresa’s post-prison transformation as well as Teresa’s up and down relationship with her sister-in-law Melissa and brother Joe.

With that said, let’s break it all down! Grab some coffee, wine, or tea and buckle down; it’s going to be a lot to take in!

To start, Jacqueline says Teresa is “very calculated” while Jac’s podcast co-hosts dub Teresa, a “master manipulator.”

According to Jacqueline, Teresa never cared about her co-stars and “only cared about getting on the cover of magazines.” To make matters worse, Jacqueline says Teresa was behind all those magazine covers from years ago.

“She was putting out all her covers. She was the one behind it all,” Jacqueline claims.

When it comes to Teresa going to jail, Jacqueline says it was Teresa’s fault she landed in prison and not Joe’s.

Teresa’s “still putting the blame on everyone else,” Jacqueline says.

She continued, “If she wouldn’t have lied about her assets, if she would have given up her financial information, she wouldn’t have gone to prison, she would have gotten probation. Her husband set it up so she wouldn’t go to jail. He did everything he could to keep her out of jail even though she was guilty. But then she lied under oath. That was her lie. It was her income she hid; it was her assets she hid. She has accountability.”

Meanwhile, Jacqueline also had quite a bit to say about her friendship with Teresa.

Jacqueline confesses that her friendship with Teresa was “one-sided” and that she cared more about Teresa.

Despite Teresa being “so dumb and ditzy,” Jacqueline says she “always had fun” with Teresa and enjoyed their “light-hearted” banter.

She says at first Teresa “didn’t show that ugly side of her because I wasn’t a threat. Teresa likes yes, friends. People that will always agree with her. She likes fans, not friends.”

Adding, “I didn’t see the ugly side of her until Melissa [Gorga] came into the picture, and then I saw the things she did to try and sabotage Melissa.”

Speaking of Melissa, Jacqueline then opens up about how the Gorgas and the Wakiles joined RHONJ.

“Teresa used to say ‘Melissa just wants to be famous, Melissa just wants to be famous’ They’re so much alike that they hate each other,” Jacqueline reveals. Adding, that Teresa’s “biggest fear” was Melissa joining RHONJ because “Teresa feels threatened by Melissa.”

“They [Melissa and Joe and Kathy and Rich] interviewed and tried out for the show without her [Teresa] knowing,” Jacqueline explains. “They were not getting along. Teresa tried to hold out being on the show. We had already signed our contracts to start filming. Teresa was the only one who didn’t sign her contract and was like, ‘I’m not doing it. I’m not going to do the show if they’re going to be on.’ She held out until the night before the Christening, and she wasn’t going to sign on to the show because she thought if she held out, they wouldn’t bring them on like she had that power. And they [Bravo] were like ‘Oh, well we’re going to be filming anyway.’”

She continued, “I said ‘Teresa, you’re seriously going to let your sister-in-law and your brother…you’re going to go to this Christening tomorrow and let them walk around with the cameras and film on the show that you started and you’re not going to be filming? Is that really what you want to do?’ So, then she was going to sign it. And I was like, ‘Why don’t you call your brother and try to sort it out with him before you start filming so that way you guys are in a good place before you start filming?’ She refused to call him or anything. That’s why at the Christening when she went up to him…she was going to try and pretend there was nothing wrong for the cameras. But they were so angry like now you’re going to pretend like we’re getting along when you treated us like shit this whole time. We’re not going to pretend for you just because we are on camera.”

However, Jacqueline thinks that all the drama between Joe and Melissa and Teresa could have been avoided if Teresa reached out to Joe before filming began.

Jacqueline says the three could have made a deal like the one they have now.

“I think if she would have talked with him beforehand, they could have worked out something like the deal they have now,” Jacqueline explains. “They still hate each other, but they made a deal.”

As for how Bravo and RHONJ producers found out about Melissa and Joe as well as Kathy and Rich, Jacqueline says Teresa can’t blame anyone but herself.

“When we would film, and Melissa would show up at filming like if it was a family party, she [Teresa] would tell us ahead of time ‘Don’t talk to Melissa; she just wants the cameras on her. Don’t talk to her.’ So, we purposely tried not to talk to her because she didn’t want the focus on them, but then she forgets she mic’d when she’s saying this, and the producers are hearing her say ‘Don’t talk to Melissa. I don’t want her filmed’ so they’re like “So, who’s Melissa? Who’s Kathy? Who are they? And they start looking them up on social media, and they’re like ‘Ah, obviously there’s tension there. This would be good for the show.’ And they reached out to them. So, she’s the one who made it.”

When it comes to Teresa’s cousin Kathy and their relationship, Jacqueline says, “She treats Kathy like shit. Kathy tried so many times. She’s a good person, and Teresa’s a little jealous, I think.”

Jacqueline also finds it laughable when people say Teresa has the power to control the cast of RHONJ.

“It cracks me up when people say ‘Teresa has the power to get rid of people on the show’ because if that were the case, Caroline would have been gone forever ago. I would have never lasted the seasons that I lasted. Her sister-in-law would have never been on the show. Kathy wouldn’t have been on the show. She has no power over who’s on or off the show. You’re on there until your story runs out.”

Meanwhile, Jacqueline says Teresa’s whole post-prison “love and light” persona was fake for the cameras.  Jacqueline also says Teresa making amends with both her and Melissa was all fake as well.

“That was about, Bravo saying we need to clean up Teresa’s [act]. This is what really happened. The show was off for a long time because Teresa went to prison. They were going to cancel the show because they were getting so much hate from the fans about them going to prison that they were like ‘I don’t know how we are going to have this show go on we’re getting so much hate for Teresa and Joe. I just don’t know how we’re going to keep this on.’ And they were going to cancel the show,” Jac explained. “Then when Teresa was getting out of prison they said we can’t even have Teresa on the show because she’s not friendly with anyone on the show. So, in order for her to come back on the show, she had to make up with some of the cast so she could film with some of the cast because she couldn’t be on her own island. Her attorney arranged for her to make up with Melissa and I because she refused to make up with Kathy. She agreed that she would make up for the show with me and Melissa. That’s why the attorney wrote us the letters; Melissa told me all of this, that were fake and were like ‘I’m looking forward to new beginnings.’ Like we knew, it was all so she could get back on the show, and we allowed it because we’re like fine bring her on.”

She continued, “It was so fake. And Melissa was telling me the whole time how much she hated me, so I knew Teresa wasn’t being sincere, but I was like maybe she’ll fake it until she makes it, and maybe we can just film together, and she can get to the point where she can move on. But she never did. She was out to get me the whole time. I knew she wasn’t sincere, and it was just to get back on the show.”

When the next season rolled around, Jacqueline says she could no longer fake it with Teresa, which is why she was demoted to a friend for season 8 of RHONJ. She claims she refused to fake a friendship with Melissa and Teresa.

Jacqueline adds that she knew she couldn’t fake it anymore when she learned Bravo was bringing Danielle Staub back on the show, which she says turned the show into “total trash.”

Adding, “Everyone on the show was talking shit behind Teresa’s back.”

As for Teresa going to visit Joe in Italy, Jacqueline insists that Teresa’s only going because Bravo is filming the visit.

“She’s waiting until the Bravo cameras are with her for her to go visit him because they are paying her, and it’s part of her storyline. Like how are you not there when your husband gets out?”

Despite her issues with Teresa, Jacqueline wishes Joe well and “hopes he’s more successful and happy than ever.”

Speaking of Joe, Jacqueline insists that Joe was always “very warm and welcoming with us.”  According to Jack, “it was Teresa’s parents and Joe, who did all the cooking.”  Adding that Teresa always had “frozen food in her fridge for her kids.”

“It cracks me up when they say, ‘Teresa, you’re a best-selling author of four books’ like she didn’t write one of them. She can’t even form a sentence. You really think she wrote a book? It makes me laugh, but whatever it’s just the game. She is capitalizing on it.”

While wrapping up, Jacqueline said she is getting tired of Tre’s story on RHONJ and thinks it’s time for some new blood. She also says she doesn’t know what Teresa will do post-Housewives.

“I don’t know what she’s going to do when Housewives ends one day. I feel like her story is getting old. I think it’s time to move the story along. I want to see new families.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on Jacqueline’s revelations? Sound off below!

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