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RHOC Recap: Best Frenemies Forever

Happy hump day OC fans! We previously celebrated Queen Victoria’s birthday and are currently reliving Gina’s mistakes with her. So what chaos do we have in store for us this week? Well let’s find out.

Kelly is naturally in the hot seat after discussing Vicki’s hypothetical funeral; however Tamra is more forgiving to Kelly as she has been on the receiving end of Vicki’s wrath so gives Kelly a pass. Kelly plans on meeting with the girls for dinner to discuss the drama while the girls plan on having an intervention regarding Kelly’s uncontrollable temper.

Gina has issues all her own as she is seeing her therapist as every day seems to bring a new problem for the former Mrs. Kirschenheiter. Gina admits to her therapist that she slept with Matt but isn’t exactly feeling great about it. Gina is torn between staying with and leaving her husband and at the end of the day doesn’t have a clear answer on what to do. Gina also hints about Matt’s hot temper which is something we know now so is a bit disturbing seeing her hint at it in this scene.

At dinner Tamra and Shannon may be trying to keep the peace but instead stir up drama by telling Kelly that Braunwyn was talking about her relationship with Brian at the tea party. Kelly instantly calls Braunwyn and while I think Braunwyn can be annoying I do think that she was right in this situation as she didn’t bring up the situation  but she did chime in and it was in Kelly’s defense. If anyone is stirring up sh*t it’s Tamra as she seems to be relishing in Kelly getting upset with Braunwyn. Case in point? Tamra is bringing up Kelly almost breaking a hand which was a potential lawsuit that Kelly claims she told to her in confidence.

Over at Shannon’s, she is discussing “Babe” with the girls and the biggest question I have is why she refers to him as Babe in front of her girls – ew. We also get inside Shannon’s crazy mind as she is now randomly drug testing her girls to ensure they stay clean and give them an out in case they are offered drugs. I get where Shannon’s coming from but combined with all her other quirks it comes off as a bit much. I guess someone has to be the strict parent as David is now posing nude pics with his girlfriend (see our Instagram account if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Across town, Emily and Shane are dining and you know when you see these two on screen there is going to be romance and crazy chemistry (note my sarcasm here.) Emily admits their overall marriage has issues and it’s apparent when Shane taunts Emily with bread despite her setting weight loss goals in order to get healthy. Nice Shane. The two spend the entire dinner bickering and as Shane flat out says no to therapy I have to wonder how much longer the two could can go on like this.

The ladies decide to meet for drinks to clear the air at Kelly’s friend’s restaurant and get right into it regarding’ Kelly’s breakup. Emily has Braunywn’s back which helps Kelly see the light that Tamra may be the instigator and not Braunwyn (all of us have known Tamra is the pot stirrer for years yet those closest to her are just figuring this out?) The other ladies quickly jump in and agree that Tamra is the root cause of the problem with only Shannon there to defend her. Shannon has Tamra’s back until Kelly informs Shannon that Tamra talks sh*t about her as well to which Shannon seems shocked (did she not watch last season??) Luckily for us Bravo has the receipts and we see what a terrible friend Tamra can be behind your back. I do honestly feel bad for Shannon who is brought to tears after hearing the two may not be as close as she thinks. So will their friendship survive? Stay tuned…

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on Tamra this season?

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