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Let’s Discuss: RHONJ Premiere Recap!

The ladies of the Garden State are back for their monumental tenth season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The season 10 premiere kicks off with us catching up with the Jersey Girls. A lot has changed since the last time we’ve seen the Jersey Housewives. But while some things change, other things remain the same.

The episode starts with cheating rumors that are plaguing Teresa Giudice’s life. Margaret Josephs chats with one of her employees about the rumors surrounding Teresa’s love life. Margaret makes it clear she’s got Teresa’s back 100% and doesn’t care if the rumors are true are not. All Margret knows is they are none of her business.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Dolores Catania’s living situation with her ex-husband Frank Catania. Dolores and Frank are STILL living together, but get this Frank is also building Dolores’ boyfriend, David, a house! Crazy, right? And yes, we FINALLY get to meet David! Talk about a cutie! Get it, Dolores! It like an odd episode of Three’s Company at Dolores’ house for sure!

One thing that has is Frankie Catania Jr’s career prospects. It turns out Frankie is now modeling and looking fitter and cuter than ever! Not that we’re really surprised I mean look at that face – so handsome!

Meanwhile, at Casa Gorga, Melissa realizes that her kids don’t think she’s cool at anymore, and she’s kind of bummed about it. She’s also freaking out about turning the big 4-0 this year. After having dinner with their kids, Melissa and Joe discuss the cheating rumors affecting Teresa and her family. According to Joe, Teresa, and her boy-toy are just friends. However, more than anything, Joe is pissed that his nieces have to deal with hearing these rumors. While Melissa doesn’t seem to believe Teresa fully, she says she is going to trust what her sister-in-law is telling her for the sake of her family.

At Jennifer Aydin’s house, we learn that Bill is doing better at being a more involved father and husband. At dinner, Jennifer reveals that Bill’s plastic surgery practice will be celebrating their 5-year anniversary, and to celebrate, they will be throwing a big party! Although Jennifer’s kids are bummed that no kids are allowed at the party.

FINALLY, we get to see the Giudice family! Teresa, along with Gia, Milania, Gabriella, and Audriana and Nonno, prepare dinner. While doing so, they talk about Gia heading off to college at Rutgers. Gia reveals she decided to stay close home so she can make up for lost time if her Dad is able to come home. Tre is trying to make up for all the issues in their family by giving the kids what they want, which in this case is a pool. Apparently, Tre was in popular demand back in her day as her cutie ex-boyfriend is the one building her pool (to which I have to wonder what Joe thinks of this.) Dolores is in the neighborhood, so she stops by to see her friend and the ex and reveals that the two never worked out because Joe Giudice was always chasing Teresa.

Dolores and Tre have a heartwarming conversation in the kitchen about what’s been being said around town about Teresa, and it’s not pretty. We’ve all seen the pictures of Tre and the supposed boy toy, and while they certainly look guilty, Tre is sticking her ground that there is no truth to the rumors. Dolores proves she is ‘ride or die’ as despite what the duck may look like – if her friend says she isn’t cheating, then she isn’t cheating!

The night of the Aydin party is here, and the ladies are looking fab, especially Jennifer, who looks like a completely different person this season, liposuction and all. Things are awkward from the start as Tre is pissed at Melissa and Jackie for talking about her while Jackie and Jennifer have their own issues to work out. Jennifer and Jackie bicker in the corner while Melissa and Tre go back and forth, so, all in all,, it’s a great party #saracasm.

While Jackie and Jennifer bicker about the social media posting, Teresa and Melissa go back four seasons as the two argue about what it means to be a sister in law. Tre is pissed that Melissa allowed Jackie to talk about her and the mystery man while Melissa is shocked that Tre still thinks the only reason she is relevant is because she is married to her brother. If this doesn’t set the tone for the season, I don’t know what will.

Personally, I loved the premiere but let’s hear from you:

What were your thoughts on the premiere? Will you be watching this season?

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