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RHOC Recap: Spilling Tea and Throwing Shade

Who’s ready for some tea? If you’re thirsty you’re in the right place as Queen Victoria has a birthday party and there is a whole lot of drama to go along with it!

We start out this episode with Tamra and Vicki meeting Shannon up for some shopping (because what else do these ladies do) in honor of Vicki’s birthday. Tamra is planning high tea for Vicki because when you think Vicki you think refined and classy (said no one ever.) The two gossip about Gina cozy-ing up to Matt at a bar and introducing him as her husband. It’s apparent Gina really wants her marriage to work out but there are so many red flags with this relationship I don’t think anyone is cheering for them to work things out (showing up in someone’s bedroom at 1 AM is creepy as hell.)

The tres amigas are reunited followed shortly after by Gina who looks hungover and guilty. Tamra right away confronts Gina about making out with her (soon to be) ex-husband and getting handsy with him at the bar. Shannon and Gina try to one-up each other about their divorces as you know Shannon’s head will explore if there is one conversation that does not revolve around her.

Gina is going through more than just relationship drama as her daughter has been showing signs of delays in development. Gina brings Sienna in for a sensory evaluation to which she shows signs of concern which is understandably concerning for Gina. Therapy is recommended and you can see the stress in Gina’s eyes. I can see why Gina thinks it would be best to have her and her ex reunite for the sake of her family but at the end of the day sometimes what’s best for the kids is for the parents to not be together.

The day of high tea is here and Tamra calls to invite Kelly; however, if Vicki is above ground Kelly isn’t celebrating. Yikes. Despite Tamra saying this day is in celebration of Vicki, I’m thinking it’s secretly in mockery of her as Tamra’s makeup artist pretty much makes Vicki look more like a clown and less like Queen Victoria.

Someone who is equally self-conscious about their appearance is Gina who shows up looking like a Wonderland hooker contrasted with Emily’s old English lady ensemble. Did anyone ever decide on a theme or was this a free-for-all? During tea, Gina reveals she went on a date with the mysterious Dr. Hottie but still slept with her ex-husband Matt so feels a bit like a mess (considering her outfit is a mess maybe she just dressed how she felt.) Luckily for Gina, she is saved by the bell as Shannon calls to summon the ladies to the parking lot for the royal arrival of Queen Victoria. I may not be a fan of Queen Victoria but I am a fan of a mimosa flight so I’m a bit jealous I’m not at this bday brunch.

Despite Kelly not being present, Kelly gets brought up during the conversation because what else would these ladies talk about during high tea? Apparently Kelly got in a bar fight due to a woman getting handsy with her man. 2/3 of the tres amigas go to the restroom to gossip in private; yet seem to forget that they brought the bar fight up. They decide to call Kelly to stir up drama to clear the air but Kelly isn’t playing into it. I never say this but I’ll give credit when credit is due: props to you Kelly! As lunch is served Gina gets a call about her daughter to which Braunwyn inquires if her children go to private or public school. Gina is at the end of her rope and this is the question that sends her over the edge despite Braunwyn stating her children go to a public school (that they audition for and she and her husband donate to.) I do think that Braunwyn’s comment wasn’t meant to be mean but she comes off as a snob whether she means to or not.

Braunwyn ends up storming from the table to which Shannon follows and gives her coaching advice on how to deal with this bunch. Shannon gives solid advice as Gina is receptive to it so for the first time this season we have a healthy resolution to a conflict – this calls for cake!

Not surprisingly, Kelly isn’t thrilled that she was the topic of conversation and calls Dr. Brian to discuss. Tamra lets the cat out of the bag by letting Vicki know Kelly wished her dead to which Vicki replies that Kelly pushed her mom down the stairs. So all that hard work that these ladies did has been thrown down the drain at this point and we are back at square one between Kelly and Vicki. Nice.

Thoughts on this episode? What do you think about Kelly and Vicki’s low blows?

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