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Let’s Discuss: Caroline Manzo Made Some Crazy Accurate Predictions About Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Marriage Back in 2011 Plus, Teresa Responds and Calls Caroline a ‘Rat’

The tea is piping hot!

Back in 2011, Caroline Manzo made a prediction about Joe and Teresa Giudice. She predicted that Joe would “go away” and that Teresa would ultimately divorce him.

“Prediction: Something may happen where someone has to go somewhere. Teresa’s going to have to pull herself up on her bootstraps and take over,” Caroline said in her RHONJ confessional. “She’ll say, ‘You know what, I tried. I stood by him, but I have to divorce him now. And I’m gonna show my daughters what it’s like to be strong and independent on your own and survive.’ There’s a book in there – you heard it here first!”

Fast forward to 2019, and Caroline’s prediction could very well come true, especially since part of it already has. It’s no secret that both Joe and Teresa have spent time behind bars. Meanwhile, Teresa and Joe’s marriage has been plagued by gossip and speculation. Both have been accused of cheating, and many believe that the two will ultimately divorce.

On Sunday’s RHONJ Special Event: Joe and Teresa Unlocked, Andy brought up Caroline’s prediction and asked the RHONJ OG about it.

“There was a moment on the show years ago, you’re going to hate me for bringing this up, but it just crossed my mind,” Andy told Teresa.

He continued, “Caroline Manzo predicted that Joe was going to go to jail.”

Teresa was less than thrilled when Andy brought up her former RHONJ co-star; however, she did have a lot to say about Caroline’s comment.

The RHONJ star quickly shaded Caroline, claiming that the Manzo’d With Children star has lived the “crooked life.” She then accused Caroline of being a “rat” and mentioned that Caroline might have called the feds on her and Joe.

“It’s just so sad. She’s lived that crooked life. Like I’ve never lived that crooked life,” Teresa said. “I guess she has and who she comes from and where she comes from. Right back at her.”

She continued, “My thing is how could she predict that? Did she have anything to do with what happened to Joe and I? Was she a rat?”

“Do you think she was a rat?” Andy asked Teresa.

“Yeah, by her saying that. Why did she that? Why? Those words would never come out of my mouth regarding anybody. ANYBODY,” Teresa added.

Andy then asked, “Do you think she called the feds?”

Teresa’s replied, “Maybe. Who knows? Why would she predict those words?”

However, Joe doesn’t believe Caroline went to the feds.

“Well, no, I know who went to the feds,” Joe revealed. “I mean, let’s just forget that.”

To wrap, Andy pointed out that Caroline’s prediction could come true.

Teresa’s response?

“Look, I’m not going to sugar coat anything. This is my life. I’ve been through a lot,” Teresa concluded.

Check out the clip below!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns for season 10 on Wednesday, November 6th, at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on Caroline’s prediction? What about Teresa calling Caroline a rat? Do you think Joe and Teresa will ultimately divorce? Let’s discuss it all in the comments below!

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