RHOD Recap: Guess Whose Coming to Happy Hour?

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Ladies and gentlemen – we are brought here to Dallas to pay our respects to Bun Bun (who has been frozen for six months). If you thought the funeral was ridiculous you haven’t seen anything yet as Bun Bun makes an appearance from beyond the grave to send of balloons. And with that Dallas fans, we’ve just begun this episode…

Things aren’t much better at LeeAnne and Rich’s house as both Rich and the dog are dealing with eye issues and are trying to work out logistics with their couples shower. Yes – there is yet ANOTHER pre-wedding ceremony for LeeAnne and Rich despite this being Rich’s third or fourth wedding (I honestly can’t remember). Jimmy Kameron is hosting LeeAnne’s couple shower as Jimmy is the queen of Dallas party planning and Kameron is involving her as she always seems to be sucking up to her mother in law. Kam – being the queen of etiquette is upset that both Steph and Brandi have canceled their attendance to LeeAnne’s couples shower (even if it is for their children’s school events) and you know Kam will hold this against Stephanie for the rest of time.

Over at D’Andra’s, she is having both hard nights and hard mornings as she married a man with no money and inherited a bankrupt company (and has one of the coldest mothers in housewives history.) Mama Dee loves to shade her daughter on everything from marrying a man with no money, providing D’Andra with an education yet not knowing how to run a business and for being generally unsuccessful at life (these are Mama Dee’s words, not mine.) Mama Dee accurately says that D’Andra does not know how to budget; however, coldly adds that D’Andra’s biggest gift in life is asking for money. Ouch. These two could have a reality show all their own – maybe we need to bring Dr. V in here as this relationship is effed.

Someone who is not hurting for money is the Hollman’s who are celebrating their anniversary and have become one of my favorite couples this season. Travis is running for husband of the year and surprises Stephanie with a huge Louis Vuitton box filled with……..CVS toiletries. Cue the disappointment music; however, I have no doubt he will lavish her with expensive gifts on their actual anniversary in a few days. The light moment turns serious when Travis reveals his ill father travels to Thailand for weeks alone and doesn’t take his medication. Apparently Travis is accustomed to getting a call informing him that he needs to come pick up his father who is usually hospitalized for weeks before doing it again. The situation is sad and proves that every family has the issues that they have to deal with.

The day of LeeAnne’s shower is upon us and say what you will but Jimmy delivers on a beautiful shower (despite having a quartet and not a trio.) Did I call it or did I call it? Kam’s shower may be beautiful but she can’t stop bitching about Brandi and Stephanie not being there (as if it really made a difference.) Despite two housewives not being there, we do get an original Dallas housewife as Tiffany shows up and delivers a sweet speech to her friend. Kam may be a great hostess but breaks rule #1 by starting sh*t at her own party and bringing up evening drinks that Cary and LeeAnne weren’t’ invited to. The ladies decide to crash the happy hour and confront the other ladies for not inviting them and not showing to the shower (you know because we are 12 and not grown adults here.)

Happy hour is here and it’s happy until Cary and LeeAnne show up as the two weren’t invited. I get LeeAnne not being there but what do the ladies have against Cary Deuber – did I miss something? Kary Brittingham completely overreacts to LeeAnne and Cary showing up and acts as if they showed up uninvited to a wedding with no invitation vs. a random 5 PM happy hour #whocares?

Next week we have a wedding to attend so don’t be late then be sure to come back to AllAboutTRH for the recap!

Thoughts on Dallas so far this season?

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