RHOC Recap: Fashion Show Faux Pas

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Get ready for fashion shows, stage moms and drunk women. Whose ready for a new episode of Orange County??

We start out with some G-Rated humor (finally) with Braunwyn and Kelly going for a bike ride and almost dying in the process. Brian may have said hes not a fan of super extravagant gifts so Kelly purchases him a bicycle (for the low price of $4,400.) The two have become fast friends and formed an unlikely bond over the aspect that they are both ‘ride or die’ (literally as they are on bikes.)

Across town, Tamra and Ryan have a wholesome mother/son outing by getting some hideous tattoos lasered off. We all recall Ryan’s questionable taste (which he still carries in the form of flag shirts) and his tattoos are proof that he needs to think before acting. Tamra is concerned about her oldest son and it’s not just due to his lack of style. Ryan has been struggling for as long as us viewers have known him and he hasn’t seemed to move past the treading water stage of life.

Over at Gina’s, girl is ready to go on a date (and this is a real one, not a fake one – looking at you Shane’s cousin.) Gina decides to dye her hair the ice blonde we’ve seen lately and I have to say I’m not a fan. I prefer her dirty more subtle blonde she has been rocking but perhaps Dr. Hottie will like it?

The dance fashion show is upon us and it’s two birds with one stone as Shannon’s daughter will be walking and Braunwyn’s daughter is the designer. Braunwyn is emotional about her daughter’s fashion show and family has flown in to support it including Braunwyn’s half sister that popped out of nowhere. Everything is going well until Shannon’s inner stage mom comes out as apparently Shannon thinks this is Chanel at NYFW and not a cute show at OC fashion week.

Everyone is here to support the show including Dr. Deb and Kelly Dodd who brought her Positive beverages for free advertisement. Gina comes in looking like a GOT extra and is using her new look to try and get over Matt but it’s not working as she is still stuck on him. Between the ex conversation and drama between Dr. Deb and security no one is noticing the fashion as the action seems to be off stage (minus Eddie who seems to be eyeing the models.) While going to the restroom, Dr. Deb and security get into an altercation and there is confusion on whether he grabbed her arm or simply said ‘excuse me.’

Things go from bad to worse when Kelly and Braunwyn get in a straight-on verbal altercation with an OC Fashion week employee which proves the truth is stranger than fiction. The woman starts off making some solid points on needing names in advance but then goes off the handle hitting Kelly in the chin with a microphone and making a bizarre speech in front of everyone about #antibullying. Can we give this woman an orange as she needs to be a full on housewife so she can go head to head with Kelly Dodd.

After the fashion show drama Gina is still dealing with personal drama as she is working through therapy with her ex husband. Gina proves how creepy her ex Matt is as he showed up to her house in her bedroom in the middle of the night. O.M.G. The two are very dysfunctional as he apparently just walked in as Gina left the door unlocked. Am I the only one who is paranoid and locks every door 24/7 especially when I’m going to bed? The whole thing is alarming and paints a picture of their bizarre relationship. Despite all of the red flags and creepy behavior Gina still wants to give their relationship a chance.

Across town Tamra is meeting Ryan for coffee as it’s apparent that Ryan is in a funk and going through a rough patch. Ryan admits he becoming a recluse and feels numb which sound a lot like depression. Ryan blames his current situation on a rocky home life and admits he feels like he was the trial run out of all the children which is pretty sad. Tamra is hoping to get him to see a therapist to help him figure out his life and I think that’s a good starting point.

Thoughts on this episode? What were your thoughts on the fashion feud?

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