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RHOD Recap: Ghost Busted

How’s your week going Dallas fans? Hopefully, you’re ready to party as this week we have LeeAnne’s ‘girls and gays’ party as you know this entire season is going to revolve around LeeAnne and over over the top, yet free, wedding.

We start out with the ultimate cheer mom Brandi getting her daughters ready for cheer tryouts. On top of sharing a hobby, Brandi is hoping to bond with her daughter (and secretly relive her glory days in the meantime.)

Meanwhile, a storm is a brewing in Dallas and I’m not just referring to Stephanie and Kameron’s relationship. The two meet to discuss their last argument while appropriately it is storming outside.  While Stephanie is empathetic and open, Kameron is closed and defensive. I feel Kameron came in with a chip on her shoulder while Steph came in trying to clear the air. Sorry, Kam – I’m team Steph in this argument. To the shock of no one, Kam gets up and ready to leave until Stephanie grovels and apologizes. In the end, Kam just likes to win and is probably used to people kissing her ass and I think her actions show that.

After her disastrous meal with Kam, Stephanie decides to go to a more fun meal with her BFF Brandi and the two decide to plan a haunted Ouiji/seance (perfect for the Halloween season.) But first – we have girls and gays. This is the second of four total wedding celebrations for LeeAnne and I guess if you have an excuse to party – you better party!

The event looks fun and I could have used an invite as this party looks better than the Moulin Rouge lingerie party. LeeAnne comes looking her best and I do mean her best as girl even got her hands done. Who the hell knew that getting your hands done was even a thing? Of course, LeeAnne had to bring it as the drag queens that came naturally went all out and the event turns into a drag queen strip club. While the drinks are flowing and it looks like blast Kary puts a damper on the event as she 1.) brings up the event she hasn’t been invited to the wedding and 2.) brings up the D-word (D’Andra.) I get where Kary is coming from but how about not asking at the bachelorette party? Let’s try to not ruin the bride to be’s special day Kar.

LeeAnne gives a long and random speech about D’Andra showing some action and then going into a vasectomy line (to the confusion of everyone.) After her long-winded speech which she seems pretty proud of, LeeAnne then runs to her guests saying she is being yelled at because the ‘big fat cow isn’t here.’ I’ll say whatever progress the two had made is most likely going to be thrown out the window after D sees that scene.

If that fight wasn’t scary enough, we are getting into some real spooky scenarios as Brandi and the girls are going ghost hunting in a local haunted house. Apparently this is right up Brandi’s alley as she is used to seeing spirits and claims that she even saw her grandmother at one time. Poor Stephanie, on the other hand, grew up in a deeply religious household and is afraid of demons entering her body if they open themselves to the spirit world (I’m with ya Steph!)

A medium comes in to elevate the spooky sleepover and while we get a mild dose of paranormal activity in the kid’s rooms, that seems to be the highlight of the night as the medium is a bust. The medium brings Kary out to the porch and gives her the broadest and bland reading. Even if the Kary’s reading was a letdown we did get to hear more about Kary’s difficult upbringing to which LeeAnne tries to one-up and prove she had the tougher childhood. We’ve been hearing about LeeAnne’s childhood for years now and while I understand it’s was difficult the other ladies didn’t exactly grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth (unless your Kam or D’Andra.) Kary bluntly asks LeeAnne if she uses her tough childhood as an excuse for her behavior and wisely suggests she isn’t over her childhood because she hasn’t forgiven those who hurt her.

We all know that LeeAnne doesn’t forgive easily as case in point: D’Andra and LeeAnne. D’andra comes in to confront LeeAnne and ask if they are okay and apparently they are just don’t talk. Seems about right.

Next week the feud continues and we have a bunny funeral. Will you be tuning in?

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on Kary confronting LeeAnne? Do you think LeeAnne and D’Andra will repair their friendship?

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