RHOD Recap: Cirque D’Lingerie

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I hope none of you Dallas fans are shy as we are getting ready to see a lot of skin this episode!

The ladies are planning a lingerie shower for LeeAnne, and as an added bonus we get Cary Deuber back this episode! I’ve missed Cary and am glad to see her back in the mix. Before we can start out with the fun stuff we have to get down to business (literally) as Travis graciously has granted D’Andra more of his time to help salvage her sinking business. D’Andra puts on her best business attire and tries to soak in the knowledge that Travis provides. Like D’Andra, I admire Travis as a businessman, and the two have a lot in common. Both inherited companies from their parents, but while Travis has grown to be a fantastic success, D’Andra’s company has six weeks to live. Travis gives some solid, yet common-sense advice and tells her to get rid of the $8k/month office and get rid of any product that isn’t making a profit. Since this seems to be news to D’Andra, I think she needs to attend Harvard Business school like Travis, just a thought D!

Across town, Kary is having coffee with her daughter while planning her 21st birthday. Her daughter is beautiful, smart, and seems to have a solid head on her shoulders, so Kary must have done something right! Kary comes off as a great mother if only her relationship with her husband seemed this solid! Kary’s biggest fear is that her daughter will get married too young as Kary admits she has married rich men and never had a career of her own, which has inhibited her independence. I think it’s great that Kary is sharing this wisdom with her daughter as it’s important for every woman to have some sort of financial independence and life outside of their husband.

Back at the Hollman house, Travis admits to Stephanie that he was honest with D’Andra but not brutally honest with her as in his opinion, she should scrap her business vs. trying to save it. Stephanie isn’t much for business talk, so gossips to Travis about their Mexican vacation, and Travis agrees with the rest of the world that Kameron thinks she is above this entire group. Travis has really stepped it up this season as he’s not only a great businessman but is also a great husband to Stephanie and really listens to how she feels. Great catch, Steph!

The day of LeeAnne’s lingerie shower is here, and the ladies come looking sexy for a Moulin Rouge-esque party. I love Stephanie and Cary’s looks, but the real focus is that out of all people, Stephanie and Cary are throwing LeeAnne a shower when D’Andra wasn’t’ even invited. My – how the times have changed! Despite Brandi and LeeAnne not repairing their friendship fully, Brandi got an invite, and D’Andra didn’t. While the other ladies are rocking a sexy/sultry look, Brandi looks straight up like a cheap prostitute. Sorry – it had to be said, not your best look, girl.

The party is beautiful, but I agree with Kary: Who does a lingerie shower at 1 PM on a Wednesday – it’s not even dark out! I would have to have a few shots if I was going to get dressed in lingerie and party in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. Just proof that the rich live very different lives than the rest of us.

Case in point? While the rest of the ladies are partying on hump day, D’Andra is being a working girl and is hard at work at the office trying to save her company. D’Andra has taken Travis’s advice to heart and is hiring free labor in the form of her husband, who looks miserable to be working for his wife and being in an office. Jeremy agrees with Travis that she needs to get rid of the office and work out of the garage, but that is the least of D’Andra’s worries. D’Andra is having a midlife crisis and is breaking down over the fact that she has to start over at an age when many are getting ready to slow down. D’Andra is understandably livid with her mother as she claims to have had a promising career in D.C. but gave it up at the request of her mother to join in the family business. I think this mother/daughter duo needs some serious therapy and many more sessions on business 101 with Mr. Hollman.

Back at the shower, LeeAnne Locken is doing her best Taylor Swift impression by pretending to be surprised at all the fantastic things that she knew were coming. After a very awkward game of ‘get to know LeeAnne and Rich,’ LeeAnne opens her gifts, and I think everyone is just relieved that LeeAnne spilling her dirty details are over. TMI would be an understatement. Needing to take a breather, Steph pulls Kam outside to talk 1-1 to discuss Mexico as the two have a volatile relationship that has not been resolved. Steph also feels that Kameron is an elitist, while Kameron feels she is the victim as she is always defending herself and apologizing. Kam ends up storming out as she is tired of apologizing for the word trash; however, she leaves Stephanie in tears as she doesn’t feel heard. Where is the ringmaster when you need her to step in and help out?

Thoughts on this episode? Do you feel Kameron or Stephanie was in the wrong?

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