RHOD Recap: Worst Vacation Ever

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In the words of D’Andra Simmons: it’s been a hard night – can we get a good morning? Apparently, not as D’Andra Simmons is hungover as hell because she was wasted, and the rest of the ladies have an emotional hangover. Not a great place to start, but let’s begin!

While D’Andra tries to piece the night together, Kameron and LeeAnne form an alliance from the rest of the group. For the first time in her life, LeeAnne has a moment of clarity and breaks it down for Kameran: Trash is a trigger word for Brandi, so just don’t say it – simple as that. I do think Brandi can have behavior that is less than classy, but Kameran does seem to have a superiority complex, so LeeAnne may have a point.

Kary has planned a beach day for the ladies so that they can decompress, and everyone is excited minus D’Andra, who is more hungover than her years in the Bush administration. Just how hard did they party back then? It’s nothing that the hair of the dog can’t fix as the ladies partake in margaritas as soon as they arrive at the beach. Fortunately for D’Andra, there is a sweat lodge involved so she can sweat out the sins of the night before. The ladies go around stating what they hope to get out of the session, and Stephanie ends up breaking down as she is clearly going through something. Stephanie is an empathetic person who seems to absorb the feelings of those around her in addition to being prone to depression. I feel for Stephanie. She puts on a brave face most of the time when she is clearly hurting inside. Sending love to you Steph <3

While it is all peaceful in the sweat lodge, it’s awkward outside as Brandi and Kam decide to have a heart to heart. Both have valid points and feelings. Thankfully, they sort them out in a civilized manner. Kudos girls! If it weren’t for LeeAnne chiming in, it would have been an exemplary moment for other ‘wives on how to settle their differences.

Next up in the sweat lodge is Kam and Brandi, who have a new friendship brewing, which is leaving LeeAnne feeling very left out. LeeAnne is feeling left out of the group, and I’m sure it’s not helping that her bestie Kam is now bonding with Brandi. LeeAnne brings up her childhood (again) to let Kary know why she has feelings of abandonment; however, the ladies point out that LeeAnne often isolates herself. Touche.

To cement their new friendship, Brandi and Kameran decide to do a very G rated prank by putting flour in a hairdryer. It’s a cute prank as no one is hurt or offended, and I think we need more moments like this. Take note, Bravo!

The ladies head out for the night and are treated to a gorgeous dinner on the beach, complete with a bonfire. The dinner goes from beautiful to petty when Kam voices her issues with Stephanie while LeeAnne and Brandi’s friendship goes back to square one. Brandi accuses LeeAnne of living in the past and wanting people to feel sorry for her, and I tend to agree with her on this one. Fortunately, Stephanie intervenes just in time as the conversation gets heated. When LeeAnne gets back to the table, her friendship with D’Andra then comes into play. The two are still working on their fractured friendship, and unfortunately, it’s not getting any better. D’Andra also feels that LeeAnne craves sympathy but doesn’t have the guts to say it to her face. To make matters worse, D’Andra has yet to be invited to LeeAnne’s upcoming wedding. As their friendship hangs on by a thread, we will have to wait until next week to see how this plays out.

Thoughts on this episode? Have you been enjoying this season?

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