RHOC Recap: Miracle at Miraval

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Well the OC continues to be a train wreck (no pun intended) but is this the episode where we get a miracle? Let’s find out:

Vicki starts the episode with the hilarious comment that none of the ladies have intentions of hurting one another when talking to Kelly. Um… I had to laugh because these ladies constantly have the intention to hurt one another and know how and where to hit. Case in point? Vicki discussing the train and coke rumors about Kelly. If Vicki isn’t one of the biggest hypocrites in housewives history I don’t know who is. Kelly then reveals Vicki went out of her way to dig for dirt on her. So how did we get here? Well let’s rewind….

Since we’ve got to Miraval Shannon has been to the ER, Gina and Emily have a fractured friendship and for some reason Vicki was invited despite the fact that she can’t stop talking trash about Kelly. Exactly what part of this trip is healing? Vicki once again tries to hurt Kelly by dropping another bomb: Kelly was banned from Jolie’s school but yes Vicki, let’s pretend that you don’t say these things with the intention of hurting. Vicki is adamant that she hasn’t ruined Kelly’s reputation but the lady doth protest too much…

Vicki can’t stop being Vicki as she doesn’t have hard core evidence on this but instead heard it through the grapevine when getting her done. Unfortunately for Vicki, Kelly proves her wrong and calls her ex husband to confirm she can go to the school anytime that she wants and labels Vicki as psycho. Vicki may be a grandmother but she turns into a 12 year old and forces Shannon and Tamra to pick sides: it’s either her or Kelly. Um…is neither an option?

Shannon is still trying to make this trip happen so forces the ladies to wear some hideous leggings and go to a bee hive. The only one missing is Kelly who would rather go skinny dipping and read a book. For the first time I think I can relate to Kelly Dodd. The bee class consists of a quirky beekeeper who is borderline crazy and fighting over who is the Queen Bee. Yep, reading naked in a pool over this mess any day. The only thing I wouldn’t do is call my daughter to tell her about all the gossip and rumors about me but Kelly can’t stop being Kelly.

Fortunately we get a mini-miracle as Emily and Gina discuss their issues like adults and express how each other have hurt them. Emily felt abandoned by Gina; however in her talking head Gina says what we all think: Emily wasn’t abandoned and overreacted but luckily the two seem to work everything out.

At dinner that night Vicki and Kelly will be in the same room for the first time so you know it’s about to go down. Things get off to an awkward start yet the ladies do a toast, vowing to have fun. For the most part it starts out fun and light, thanks to Kelly’s Master degree in partying and of course a healthy dose of alcohol. After the ladies get tipsy, the ladies are instructed to make their own dinners which doesn’t seem great as drunk housewives and knives don’t go hand in hand. Keep in mind, Kelly is in the same room as Vicki so I feel all knives should be hidden at this point.

Luckily meal prep goes well with zero murders; however the same can’t be said for dinner itself. It comes up that Kelly put a pig face on a car, labeling it Vicki and crushed it. These two ladies both have so many issues I don’t know where to begin. Vicki is offended that Kelly called her ugly and Kelly is offended that Vicki has spread disgusting rumors that hurt her family. Both ladies end up in tears as they are both understandably hurt but seeing each other’s pain makes them both vulnerable and breaks down those walls. The ladies tearfully vow do stop with the low blows and Tamra appropriately claims that hell has frozen over while Shannon accurately states miracles do happen at Miraval.

The ladies decide to celebrate the mini-miracles by getting naked in the hot tub and things get a little weird. While Shannon, Kelly and Vicki keep it modest inside, the remainder of the ladies talk weird fetishes and we find out that Braunwyn is into threesomes and we get a LOT of interesting information. Watch your back Tamra!

Thoughts on this episode? How long do you think the Vicki/Kelly truce will last?

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