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Dorit Kemsley In Danger of Having More Money Seized in PK’s $1.2M Legal Battle

More money, more problems?

Dorit Kemsley is at risk of having more her money seized in her husband Paul “PK” Kemsley’s $1.2M legal battle.

According to The Blast, Nicos Kirzis, who is suing PK for $1.2M, is now going after ANOTHER one of Dorit’s bank accounts.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple has been in and out of court over the last few weeks trying to stop Kirzis from getting his hands on their money. While in court and under oath, Dorit and PK have been grilled about their finances and bank accounts.

During one of Dorit’s most recent depositions, Kirzis says he learned about another one of the RHOBH star’s bank accounts. While the account is in Dorit’s name, Kirzis believes that PK deposits money into it.

In newly filed docs Kirzis writes, “The evidence here is that Mr. Kemsley had his income deposited into Mrs. Kemsley’s account. Mr. and Mrs. Kemsley have made no effort to rebut the presumption that the assets in the account are attributable to that deposit and have presented no evidence to trace the funds in the account to conclusively prove that they are attributable only to Mrs. Kemsley’s separate income.”

He also claims that “PK admitted ‘he directed deposits of his income’ into Dorit’s account ‘to avoid the judgment.’”

Kirzis is now asking a judge to order Dorit to turn over the money in her, newly discovered, bank account. A judge has yet to rule on the request.

PK’s overseas bank accounts may also be in jeopardy as Kirzis has his sights set on seizing the contents of those accounts as well.

Meanwhile, Kirzis recently racked up a major win in his lawsuit against PK when a judge ordered that the $29,634.10 in Dorit’s bank account be seized.

Dorit tried to fight the seizure of her bank account claiming that the account was solely her money and that her husband had not contributed a dime to account.

However, Kirzis argued that Dorit failed to prove that the cash in the bank account only belonged to her. A judge later ordered the money be sent over to Kirzis.

No doubt the RHOBH couple will continue to fight the seizure of their bank accounts. PK still insists that he doesn’t owe Kirzis anything and that this loan was discharged in his 2011 UK bankruptcy.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return to Bravo for season 10 in early 2020.

Thoughts on this latest update? Do you think Dorit’s bank account will be seized? Is PK hiding his money in Dorit’s bank account? Sound off below!

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Source: The Blast

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