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RHOC Recap: Let’s Get Metaphysical!

Hello OC fans! If you’re looking for relaxation and refreshment at an Arizona spa look elsewhere as this is a hot mess. We get right into it with Gina and Kelly going at each other’s throats and fighting over who is less accomplished. I mean we’re all screaming at each other like lunatics so can we just say there are no winners here?

Gina can’t take the irony that she is on a wellness retreat yet seems to be getting worse and ends up going nuts on Emily. Gina is still upset that Emily pressured her to go to Vegas; however Emily is upset that her bestie isn’t answering her calls and jumping on the Shannon ship. Gina is confused as to how attorney Emily would think it’s a good idea for Gina to go to Vegas when she is going through legal issues and ends up storming out after being called unaccomplished and a little sister. Am I the only one that feels bad for Gina here?

Still in Crazyville, Kelly calls Tamra and yells at her for subscribing to Shannon’s paranoia and goes gangster on Shannon for having the audacity to go to the hospital to get a scan. Listen, Shannon is definitely a hypochondriac but if she had blurry eyes and a splitting headache, I’m with Dr. Tam: it’s better to be safe than sorry! Kelly doesn’t apologize for hitting Shannon with a mallet but instead  yells at both Shannon and Tamra for going to the hospital in the first place. Kelly can get scary angry as we see here and if I were one of these ladies I would have no desire to fight with her – girl can get ugly. Perhaps that’s why Shannon declined to get the police involved when the nurse asked if she wanted to press charges?

It’s hard to believe that at this point the ladies have only been in AZ for 5 hours and all of this mess has gone down. The poor Miraval staff has never seen anything like this and clearly is out of their league with the crazy ladies of Orange County.

Back at the hotel, Shannon, Gina and Tamra bond over the craziness that is Kelly Dodd and reassure Gina that despite Kelly’s comments she is an accomplished women. If you thought this day couldn’t get any messier – fear not, Vicki is on her way (and she’s bringing In-and-Out.) Only the ladies of OC could have a beautiful, candle lit dinner catered specifically for them and would prefer fast food brought in by the OG.

Say what you will about Vicki but she can still whoop it up as she and Shannon were up until 4 AM partying, despite the fact that they are supposed to be detoxing and getting healthy. Clearly Shannon couldn’t have been that injured if she was up until 4 AM drinking and laughing so perhaps Shannon was overreacting. Kelly comes over to confront all of her enemies and as punishment, Vicki is banned to her room where she lays in bed semi-nude. The real root of the problem isn’t Shannon’s concussion but the fact that Shannon and Tamra stayed friends with Vicki even after the train rumor. When Kelly is attacked she goes in extreme defense mode and all of her issues steam from the fact that she is still upset about that rumor being spread.

Back in the Villa, the ladies vow to have fun “even if it kills them” which sets the tone for how this trip is going. Good attitude to have at a wellness retreat ladies! Gina and Kelly are trying to make amends but it’s not going so well as Gina is trying to be a friend to Kelly but Kelly doesn’t make it easy. I truly feel for Gina as she is having a nervous breakdown between the stresses of her marriage and the stresses with her friends. It’s clear that Gina is at her breaking point as she is physically shaking and is visibly upset. It seems seeing Gina’s weakness miraculously shows Kelly’s softer side and we get to see Kelly’s walls come down and be a friend to Gina who clearly needs it.

Kelly takes her turn at being the peacemaker and goes to see Emily to help her see Gina’s side of the argument. It seems like a lost cause as Emily is focused on what hurt her vs. what Gina is going through so the ladies end up dropping it and decide to take in the beautiful AZ scenery instead. The resort looks stunning and I have to wonder why they are wasting their resources on fighting vs. taking in the beautiful sites and getting healthy. These girls definitely need to detox both physically and emotionally! While Kelly and Tamra do aerial yoga, Emily makes a valid attempt while Braunwyn and Gina try a meditation to let s*it go.

While all seems to be going well, the fun is ruined when Vicki and Shannon join the aerial group as Kelly is trying to find her zen not find Vicki. Knowing how much she is unwanted in Kelly’s presence I am honestly shocked at the balls Vicki has to have 1.) gone on their trip and 2.) show up to their yoga session. The last thing I would want when trying to detox negative emotions is Vicki coming along making accusations about drugs and trains – no thanks!

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