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Brandi Glanville Calls Tamra Judge ‘Vile’ After the RHOC Star Sends Her a Nasty DM

Brandi Glanville is back again with another episode of her YouTube series Drinking & Tweeting.

This week Brandi’s video is dedicated to her newest adversary Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge.

The two have been engulfed in a war of words since the premiere of season 14 of RHOC. And it doesn’t look like their feud is cooling down anytime soon.

Brandi has taken major issue with Tamra dragging her good friend Kelly Dodd on and off RHOC. Tamra and her co-stars Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador have been spreading a rumor they heard about Kelly being involved in a sex train.

The former RHOBH star went off about the Tres Amigas’ actions on Twitter; calling the RHOC cast “f–king hypocritical.” This then prompted a mini-Twitter war between Tamra and Brandi. Tamra then continued to bad mouth Brandi on Instagram and dubbed Kelly the “new Brandi” a dig the Drinking & Tweeting author didn’t appreciate.

Now, Brandi is sounding off on Tamra sending her nasty direct message and she has a lot to say!

“Somebody did me a huge favor and tried to come for me on Twitter,” Brandi started her latest episode of Drinking & Tweeting. “Not this Scorpio, bitch.”

“We’re gonna talk about how stupid people are,” Glanville informed her viewers. “It happens. Like, allegedly, Tamra Grudge. Oh! I mean, Tamra Judge. Right? Is that her name? I don’t remember. I asked Alexa what her birthday was, and Alexa was like, ‘Hm, I don’t know.’ So I don’t really know that much about you, bitch.”

“What I do know is that you went to the press and decided to call me unstable after you threatened me with a lawyer because you threw out the first stone and tweeted me something horrible,” she continued. “Coward much, bitch? Come on.”

“You know, it’s funny because I think that you came after Bethenny, too,” Brandi said referencing the shade Tamra threw at Bethenny Frankel over her reasoning for leaving The Real Housewives of New York“She’s a Scorpio, did I tell you? Don’t f–k with Scorpios. Big mistake. Huge. Huge! Like Julia Roberts in [‘Pretty Woman’]. Oh! Julia Roberts’ a Scorpio, too. Huge mistake. We might be a little crazy … Smart as f–k and loyal as f–k, Tamra.”

However, Brandi wasn’t done there.

Brandi took a giant sip of her oversized glass of wine before spilling the rest of her tea.

“Girl, I just wanna tell you,” Brandi said. “So I don’t wanna be sued, obviously, and lawyers are threatened for no reason all the time, but I feel like if anyone can sue anyone, it would be me suing someone calling me unstable that I didn’t know.”

“Tamra, oh my God, I cannot believe you said I was unstable and then DM’d me. You f–king DM’d me like a coward. Let me read it to y’all. I did not answer it on DM ’cause I don’t believe in that. If you’re coming for me publicly, f–king stay in the public eye. Why are you doing it behind [your phone]? You’re a coward.”

“So this is what Tamra DM’d me right after she said I was unstable,” Brandi said, reading from her phone. “She said, ‘I didn’t call you unstable.’ Huh? Random. ‘I was referring to a castmember.’ Shut the f–k up, bitch. ‘When I said Kelly is the new Brandi, it’s because you guys go full-force mean on your comments about your castmembers.’ Do we? Really, Tamra? You’re the queen of mean. I think you just said that Kelly likes rich men more than she actually likes her daughter. That’s really nice of you. Super sweet, honey.”

Brandi continued reading the message,“‘I don’t really care to fight with you. I don’t even know you. You started this when you called me a hypocritical asshole.'”

“Tamra, I didn’t call you that,” Brandi insisted. “I sent out a general tweet about people being hypocritical assholes. Clearly, I hit a nerve. But I didn’t @Tamra, I didn’t @OC, I didn’t @Housewives, so I think you feel bad for a reason ’cause you know you’re a f–king hypocritical asshole. Yeah! I meant it for you all, but it struck a nerve for sure.”

The former RHOBH star tweeted this the night the sex train rumor first aired on RHOC: “The moment you swear to not talk about a RUMOR you may have heard within ur group, yet you KNOW 100% your on f–king camera your a f–king hypocritical asshole.” She added a hashtag we assume was supposed to say “gross.”

During her last episode of Drinking & Tweeting Brandi described the RHOC star as “meh” but this episode she went a step further.

“All I did was say that you were meh in this YouTube video, and you came out swinging, tiny dancer,” Brandi said, further explaining her nickname for Tamra. “People that’re like 5 feet and under that have to yell loud and flail around a lot to get attention, I call them tiny f–king dancers. That’s you, bitch.”

“And as far as September 19th goes, I will be in the O.C. for an appearance that you’re scheduled to be at,” she added. “And we can talk eye to eye; we just need two apple boxes for you.”

“So, when I say that you’re meh,” Glanville continued, “you’re talking shit about Kelly saying she pushed her mom down the stairs, saying that she’s not there for her daughter, saying she’s unstable. I think that you’re just jealous. It could be that you’re going through meh-nopause, or it could be that you’re just meh-chanical, or maybe you’re just a meh-sogynist, or maybe you’re just f–king meh-ssy as f–k. There we go.”

“Tamra, I think you’re a coward,” she added while going on to warn the RHOC star. “Please don’t ever DM me again. Ever, ever, ever. Please stop talking shit about the people you say that you care about that are on your cast because I feel like, yeah, sometimes people go low, but you’re lower. Like, we’re on the sidewalk; you’re in the gutter. We’re a train wreck; you’re a bus wreck. Might’ve said that the other day, but I mean it. We might even be a car wreck and you’re a train wreck.”

Brandi then suggested, “Maybe you should go hang out with your grandkids. Have a good day.” While looking at her producer who was seated off to the side, she asked, “I mean, do the grandkids talk to her? I’m kidding.”

When asked if she would ever join another Real Housewives franchise, Brandi said no. Adding, that the OC Housewives “go straight for the jugular, and I’m not down for that. It’s disgusting.”

“If I was on O.C., I would be in jail. Let’s be clear. I would be in f–king jail,” she said. “You think Kelly’s low? I can go really f–kin low. It’s been actually fun for me to have these horrible, horrible human beings come for me and just set them straight.”

Brandi was then asked if she would throw wine at Tamra, Brandi said, “I def def def def can’t be in the O.C. with Tamra. Let’s be clear. Or Vicki. I think they’re both vile human beings.”

Check out Brandi’s full episode of Drinking & Tweeting below!

The Real Housewives of Orange County air Tuesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on Brandi’s rant? Do you think Brandi and Tamra’s feud will end anytime soon? Sound off below!

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