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Brandi Glanville Says Scheana Marie “Saved Me” And That Denise Richards Is Her “Kindred Spirit!” Plus, This Is Where Brandi Stands With The RHOBH Cast After Season 9!

Brandi Glanville is not a full-time real housewife anymore, but she still made a cameo appearance with Denise Richards during season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi recently gave Bravo an update on her life; including her situation with Vanderpump Rules star, Scheana Marie, and how she’s co-parenting with her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Brandi also opened up about how RHOBH star, Denise Richards, is her “kindred spirit.” The two are good friends, and Brandi had dinner with Denise on the RHOBH. Plus, Brandi opened up about where she stands with the RHOBH cast after season 9.

As far as Brandi meeting with Scheana during an episode on Bravo due to Brandi’s friendship with Lisa Vanderpump back then, Brandi explained, “I was going through the divorce, it took years, and Scheana was one of the people that slept with my ex-husband. For a long time, especially when I was pregnant. Listen, I’m over it, but certain things trigger me and I get PTSD and it happens. But I sat down with Scheana and it was hard.”

Brandi added, “Honestly at that point, I didn’t need to hear about this thought saying ‘Oh yeah, he loved me, he helped me move.’ I was moving past just the LeeAnn part, and dealing with all of that. So to go back in time and relive that with Scheana was very unhealthy for me.”

Brandi said that Scheana, “saved me.” Brandi explained, “The good thing about Scheana is that I thought LeeAnn was just the one time thing. But when I found out about her, she saved me because I left him.”

“When this all started, with this Scheana thing and talking about having an affair with my husband – Jake was two and Mason was six. You know, we’re almost a decade later. For so many years I fought, I was just like I’m a fighter and I will fight to the death and generally I die, but I will just fight to the death,” she said.

Now that her kids are older, she said she only cares about them. Brandi said, “Them seeing me fight with their dad really effected me, so I made a huge effort to just get along and ignore the bullshit. We’re in such a better place.” They sit together at basketball and tennis games now, and they do favors for each other when it comes to scheduling.

When it comes to the cast of the RHOBH, Brandi is in a good place with them all. Brandi tweeted recently, “I’m finally good with all the gals of RHOBH so lets be nice! Pretty please [smiley face].”

Denise and Brandi have developed a good friendship, which is why Brandi made a cameo during last season of the RHOBH. Brandi shared, “So I did Celebrity Big Brother and while I was locked in a house with crazy people, I came out and Denise had actually gone to my agency and got with my agent. My agent told me, ‘Yeah I have Denise Richards, that’s so exciting right?’ I go, ‘So basically you hired my competition, but that’s amazing.’ Then we were all at a big dinner and Denise and I just hit it off. I was wasted, she was wasted. Everyone left but we stayed. We were partying. She was doing her Tequila time and I was doing wine all day.” Brandi added, “We’re just similar.”

Brandi explained that they have a lot in common with their previous public horrible divorces, their kids being around the same age, and the fact that their children went to the same school before. Brandi said, “We have so much in common, she’s just a cool chick. We definitely are kindred spirits. We get it.” Brandi joked that Denise is nicer than her, though.

I love Brandi! I hope that we’ll be seeing her next season on the RHOBH. She always said a lot of funny stuff on the show. I’m glad that she’s more at peace with her situation now, and that they are co-parenting effectively for the sake of the children. It’s nice that Brandi and Scheana were able to talk about everything. I think Brandi and Denise’s friendship is fun, and I was glad that they appeared together last season on the RHOBH. They both keep it real!

Thoughts on this all? Thoughts on what Brandi had to say? Thoughts on the entire Brandi and Scheana situation/meeting? Thoughts on Brandi and Denise’s friendship? Thoughts on Brandi possibly returning to the RHOBH? Share below!

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