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Camille Grammer Says RHOBH Producers Told Her Kyle Richards Prevented Her From Returning for Season 10

Camille Grammer is responding to Kyle Richards claims that she had nothing to do with Camille not being asked back for season 10 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In an interview with TMZ, Kyle shut down Camille’s claims that she had something to do with Bravo not asking the RHOBH friend back for season 10.

“That’s not true,” Kyle said when asked about Camille’s recent tweets about RHOBH.  “I never had an issue with Camille so I don’t even know where that came from.”

When asked about Camille’s other claim that RHOBH is now “Kyle’s show” she denied it as well saying, “I guess if that’s what she thinks but I never said that…No I would not think that.”

After we posted the Kyle story yesterday, Camille immediately responded to our story on Twitter.

“Don’t believe her spin. Producers told me otherwise,” Camille claimed.

A fan then asked Camille, “Do you really want to go back and work with ppl who are not your friends, they will only target you all the time now Lisa has gone anyway so live your best life & annoy them that way instead of worrying who didn’t want you back. You & everyone else knows you are better than them.” 

Camille responded, “No, I didn’t. While I was filming the reunion I had gut feeling this was it for me. It was too much to deal with after I lost my house and my dear friend/assistant passed.” 

Adding, “I was vulnerable.” 

AllAboutTRH has reached out to Kyle about Camille’s comments.

As for RHOBH fans, they seem to be believing and taking Camille’s side in all this drama.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return to Bravo for season 10 in early 2020.

Thoughts on Camille’s claim? Do you believe Kyle or Camille? Sound off below!

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